Student Life & Leadership (SLL) is here to support you in your quest to LEARN about your interests and your strengths, DEVELOP those strengths and your leadership skills, so that you can in turn LEAD your peers, the campus, and our community ...into the future.

Don't forget to embrace an important part of your collegiate experience - your participation in activities that happen outside of the classroom. Whether you join an organization, attend a leadership workshop, or access opportunities to learn more about other cultures, be sure to visit SLL in USU 3600.

 Have you been admitted to CSUSM for Fall 2015? 

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Student Life & Leadership is located in:

University Student Union 3600
Phone (760) 750-4970
Fax (760) 750-3033

Office Hours:
Mon. - Thur. 8am to 5pm
Friday 8am to 1pm

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