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What is the TLC?

Grounded in the Social Change Model of Leadership and CSUSM’s Integrated Co-Curricular Model, the Tukwut Leadership Circle (TLC) is designed to support your leadership, interpersonal, career, and professional development through weekly workshops and campus & civic engagement.

The TLC program gives students the opportunity to learn and explore leadership concepts through real life experiences, both on and off campus, so that they can better understand themselves as unique individuals. The program takes approximately 30 hours to complete and must be completed within one year, but many students complete the program in one semester! 

Enrollment Process for TLC & MIL Students

Steps to Enroll:

  1. Submit your Interest 
  2. Watch the Career Center Webshop on Resume Tips & update your resume prior to your TLC Enrollment Meeting
  3. Take the TypeFocus Self-Assessment (Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator) – Free online.
  4. You will receive a welcome e-mail from your Peer Leader inviting you to meet in person. Please bring the following to your enrollment meeting:
    1. Refined resume
    2. TypeFocus results
    3. An idea of 2 specific goals you’d like to achieve during your time in the TLC

Program Learning Outcomes: 

  1. TLC graduates describe their personal identity and reflect about the importance of diversity within leadership (teams, groups, workplace, etc.) 
  2. TLC graduates will be able to provide at least one example of a leadership concept they gained by participating in campus or civic engagement.
  3. TLC graduates will be able to articulate how a learned leadership concept influences their world perspective.
  4. TLC graduates will set SMART goals relating to their career and/or major and articulate if they were able to achieve these goals throughout the course of the TLC program. 


Consider the shape of a circle: there is no clear beginning or end. The scope of the circle may change depending on context and the focus can be inward or outward. This is similar to your leadership path, where you continue to gather skills and momentum.

Program Benefits & Highlights:

  • You will earn a leadership certificate. 
  • You will be paired with a TLC graduate from the TLC Peer Leadership Team to support your journey.
  • You will connect to students from across disciplines.
  • You will meet campus and community leaders who are interested in sharing their leadership experiences with you.
  • You will learn what your Myers-Briggs Personality Indicator is and career opportunities that align with your personality.
  • You will complete a real-life interview experience through regular Peer Leader meetings and panel exit interview. 
  • The TLC is free and open to any CSUSM student interested in learning about or developing their personal leadership skills
  • You have up to two semesters to complete the program, but many students complete it in one


Tukwut Leadership Circle

Program Coordinator: Shannon Nolan-Arañez, Ed.D. 
(760) 750-4973