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Special Event Insurance

Special Event Insurance 

To obtain a quote for Special Event Insurance, please e-mail the following information to Therese Jackson at, Craven Hall 4700, extension 4502.  

  •  A completed Electronic Request For Use of Space (eRFU) form to include: 
    •  name of the organization sponsoring the event 
    •  event date/time/location 
    •  estimated number of people attending the event 
    •  whether or not alcohol is being served 
    •  list and number of exhibitors 
    •  list of food vendors and non-food vendors that require liability insurance 
    •  activities description.   
  •  A completed Event Risk Assessment Worksheet to include a thorough description of the event, consideration of all event activities, and any other information that might be helpful. (i.e. flyers) 
  •  A Nominee or Tenant User insurance application, as appropriate for the event sponsor type.  Tenant User applications are to be used for non-University sponsored individuals or organizations and Nominee applications are to be used for events sponsored by University departments or recognized student organizations. 

        Tenant User Application (outside individuals and organizations)  

        Nominee Application  (University departments and co-sponsorships) 

Please allow 3-5 business days for tenant user policy requests and 10 business days for nominee requests. 

Participant Accident Insurance

For on-campus,University-sponsored events of a physical nature, Participant Accident Insurance is available to provide medical coverage for participant activities such as sports camps, 5k runs, etc.  PAI insurance is also available for organized off-campus activities such as camping, skiing, etc. This insurance is issued on a per-activity basis and the premium costs vary based on the coverages and deductibles selected.