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Powered Cart Training

You must be Defensive Driving certified before taking Powered Cart Training.

Powered Cart = One Course

Instructions through Course Catalog

  1. Log into the ETC via the "LearnerWeb Login"
  2. Select "Course Search" from the top toolbar
  3. Open the “Safety” drop down from the left menu
  4. Locate the CSUSM Powered Cart Safety Training or click the "Driving" subcategory and open the CSUSM Powered Cart Safety Training course tile.
  5. Launch and complete the CSUSM Powered Cart Safety Training course

or through assigned Powered Cart Training Learning Track (if applicable)

  1. Log into the ETC via the "LearnerWeb Login"
  2. In the "My Requirements" tile on the dashboard page, click the "Powered Cart Training Learning Track" link.
  3. Click the track tile to open the contents of the track.
  4. Click on the “CSUSM Powered Cart Safety Training” course tile and click the “Launch” or "Retake" button.
  5. Complete the course following the instructions in the pop-up windows.
  6. Take a screen shot to verify your completion before exiting the course.

If you do not have access yet to the Employee Training Center please email or call 760.750.4502 so that we can administer the training a different way. 

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