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Workstation Reconfiguration

(Campus Step 4 as necessary)

Based on the results from an Ergonomic Evaluation, the employee may wish to have their on-site workstation reconfigured to accommodate certain needs. 

The process may begin in the following manner:

  1. Employee discusses possible reconfiguration with the appropriate supervisor/managerial personnel.
  2. Upon approval, the supervisor (or employee) responds to the previously received ergonomic evaluation report email with the words “Request to Move Forward” along with the employee’s name in the subject line. Email should mention that the evaluation report has been reviewed, and the Department desires a quote of projected cost for reconfigurations and/or equipment installations.
  3. SH&S will coordinate request by designating either Facility Services (FS) or Planning, Design & Construction (PDC) to contact the applicable Departmental personnel.
  4. After receiving a quote, the employee’s supervisor must provide FS or PDC approval to move forward with the reconfiguration.

Note: Certain ergonomic equipment is eliglble for partial reimbursement after purchase. Proceed to the Ergonomic Support Tool & Equipment page for more information.