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Ergonomic Support Tools & Equipment (ESTE) Program

  • Certain support tools and equipment items are helpful in addressing a particular ergonomic need, while also enhancing comfort during the performance of work tasks.
  • Eligible ESTE items may be obtained and provided to authorized CSUSM State, Auxiliary, or Corporate employees to
    serve as a preventative measure to help mitigate potential injuries. Items designated for telecommuter use can be
    shipped to the employee's home office location (if desired).
  • Reimbursements/rebates are provided to CSUSM departments via specialized funding. Applicable ESTE items may
    include (but not limited to):
  • Anti-fatigue Mat
  • Keyboard
  • Chair (including those specified for telecommuter use)
  • Mouse
  • Document Holder
  • Mouse Pad
  • Footrest
  • Monitor Riser
  • Hand Exercise Tool
  • Privacy/Anti-glare Screen
  • Height Adjustable Table/Desk (including those specified for telecommuter use)
  • Wrist Rest (for Keyboard & Mouse)

Departments should use the following process to acquire support tool/equipment items and receive a reimbursement:

  1. Ensure employee has received an Ergonomic Evaluation (in-person assessment or virtual consultation) within the last three years.
  2. Upon receipt of item, download/print and fill out the Ergonomic Support Tool & Equipment Reimbursement Form (normally completed by the budget coordinator or manager).
  3. Attach applicable receipts/invoices for items identified on the ESTE Form and submit all documents to SH&S using any of the following methods:

Note: Items purchased specifically for telecommuters/home office use are reimbursed via a designated fund (as a
result of the COVID-19 circumstance). These funds are available until monies are depleted, or when the pandemic
health requirements have been sufficiently mitigated/resolved (whichever comes first).