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Bloodborne Pathogen Program

The Bloodborne Pathogen Program is designed to minimize faculty and staff occupational exposure to bloodborne pathogens carried by human blood or other potentially infectious material.

Exposure Control Plan

The campus exposure control plan describes the general campus procedures utilized to prevent exposures and manage any exposures that do occur. Individual work locations on campus should develop site exposure control plans that include specific work practices used at their location.

To view the campus exposure control plan or for information on developing a work location plan, contact SHS at  


All faculty and staff (including student assistants, volunteers, graduate or undergraduate laboratory assistants) who have potential occupational exposure to bloodborne pathogens must complete annual training. Online training is available through the ETC LearnerWeb and campus groups can schedule an in-person training class as well.

Questions? Please contact Safety, Health & Sustainability at 760-750-4502 or