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Who is the CSUSM Corporation?

As an auxiliary organization, the CSUSM Corporation plays an important role in the campus community; existing to provide service and opportunity to the University, and accomplishing this through its various entrepreneurial operations and its focus on the administration of sponsored programs, human resource and payroll services, and management of commercial enterprises, including childcare services, campus dining services, and bookstore operations. To learn more about Auxiliary Organizations, please review the CSU Auxiliary Fact Sheet.

On the CSUSM campus, CSUSM Corporation’s presence is known through its administration of externally funded research through the Office of Sponsored Projects and the many valuable enterprise partners it oversees. Commercial Services include Follett Higher Education Group, Sodexo, PepsiCo, Children’s Creative Learning Centers, Campus Coffee and FedEx Office. These enterprise partners provide beneficial services and generate revenue tthat is streamed back through the campus.

Overseen by a separate Board of Directors (Corporate Governance), CSUSM Corporation, as other auxiliary organizations in the CSU system, operate as distinct non-profit entities, working closely with the campuses they serve. Auxiliaries carry out their operations in accordance with an operating agreement with the Board of Trustees, observing the policies and procedures established by both their campus administration and the CSU. The Board of Trustees and campus presidents have general oversight roles, assuring that auxiliaries comply with CSU guidelines. 

At CSUSM, the auxiliaries are leveraged in order to support the University's mission and priorities. Designed solely to carry out vital functions that are not state supported or that would be challenging for the universities, auxiliaries in the CSU assist by enhancing the student educational experience through their supplemental services, and providing much needed revenue for university projects and needs. Typical activities that auxiliaries are involved in include: student unions and recreation facilities, student self-governance, commercial services, philanthropic undertakings, sponsored programs and externally supported research, workshops and conferences. Existing since the 1920’s, auxiliary organizations have grown with the CSU system, serving as an essential supplement to its educational activities. 

FY 2017-2018 Breakdown

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The CSUSM Corporation is a self-supporting auxiliary organization, recognized by the California State University, incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, and governed by a 10-member board.  CSUSM Corporation does not receive funding from state sources.