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CSU Safety List Server

The CSU Safety List Server was created in 1997 for the CSU community to discuss Environmental Health & Safety issues. It is designed to keep CSU safety personnel informed about matters of interest to the EH&S and CSU communities, and to provide a convenient tool to share information and foster cooperation between safety departments across the CSU.

Regina Frasca is the list owner.

What is a list server?

List servers (or listserv for short) are electronic mailing lists which automatically distribute e-mail messages to everyone who is listed as a subscriber.


To join the list, format an email like so:


To message the discussion group, send to:

List Server Net-iquette

When using the listserv, please follow these guidelines:

  1. CSU Safety is for the discussion of safety issues related to CSU. Do not post unrelated or commercial content.

  2. Include your e-mail address somewhere in the body of your message so that people can respond to you directly rather than clutter the list. Not all e-mail clients are capable of retrieving return addresses from message headers.

  3. Don't post encoded files or attach files to your message. Use links instead, if necessary.

  4. If your response is of interest to only one recipient, send it via private e-mail, not to the listserv.

  5. Do not send commands intended for the listserv to CSU Safety. Commands for subscribing, unsubscribing, etc., should be sent to


E-mail accounts which bounce large quantities of error messages back to the server will be unsubscribed. If you feel that you have been unsubscribed, simply try resubscribing.

Changes to the configuration of your e-mail account may render you incapable of posting, subscribing, unsubscribing, etc. In such cases, please e-mail the list owner.

If you have questions or problems with CSU Safety that you can't solve, e-mail Regina Frasca.