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CSU Safety List Server

The CSUSafety List Server was created in 1997 for the CSU community to discuss Environmental Health and Safety issues.    The list...

  • Is designed to keep CSU safety personnel informed about items of interest to the CSU Safety community.
  • Provides a tool for CSU safety personnel to share information with a cooperative community of people with overlapping technical interests.
  • Dedicated to safety issues relevant to the CSU community

What is a list server?

List servers are basically electronic mailing lists which automatically distribute e-mail messages to everyone who is listed as a “subscriber”.  While e-mail make nearly instantaneous communication possible, response from the list to a particular posting may not necessarily be immediate.

A list of etiquette within the server is located below:
Netiquette Within the List Serve

Regina Frasca is the list owner and can be reached at 760-750-4510 or by e-mail at


Format your email to the list program like so:


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