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Defensive Driving Certificate

An employee's defensive driving certification is valid once all of the training and document components have been completed. The certification is valid for four (4) years (NOTE: expiration date of your certificate is synchronized to the expiration date of the first Defensive Driving course that was completed).

To access and print your defensive driving certificate:

  1. Login to the "LearnerWeb" portal of the Employee Training Center (ETC) using your campus credentials.
  2. In the "My Completions" section at the bottom of the dashboard page, locate the "Defensive Driving Certification (DD Documents)" course.
  3. In the far right column, click the word "Print".
  4. If it has been some time since you completed the certification, the course may not show up on the dashboard page.  In that case, click on the "My Menu" tab in the upper left of the dashboard page.  Select "My Transcript" from the dropdown menu.  Locate the "Defensive Driving Certification (DD Documents)" course and click the word "Print".
  5. The certificate will show the expiration date of your defensive driving certification.

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