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Chair & Equipment Demo Program

(Campus or Tele Step 3 – as necessary)

Upon completion of an Ergonomic Evaluation, employees may enroll in the Chair & Equipment Demo Program, which provides users an opportunity to try-out specific ergonomic items.

Chair Demo:

  • SH&S will contact the employee to schedule a date/time to demonstrate a chair. Chair selection will be based on the information gained from the ergonomic evaluation.
  • Information on the selected chair provided to employee will include model, optional features, and vendor contact.
  • Employee's department will work with vendor to purchase selected chair (SH&S does not order for the departments).
  • Chairs in the demo program are not intended to provide temporary seats due to broken, missing, or unassigned seating. Employees should contact their Department or Planning, Design & Construction for such matters.

Equipment Demo:

  • SH&S will contact the employee to schedule a date/time to demonstrate ergonomic-related equipment.
  • An SH&S staff member will assist the employee in trying a variety of keyboards, mice, and/or other equipment.
  • Information on selected equipment will be provided to employee, including any applicable website links.

Note: Except for ADA or Worker Compensation issues, chairs and equipment are not intended to leave the campus.