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Rikkyo University - Business only

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Rikkyo is a private university founded in 1874 in the western tradition. It now has nine colleges and thirteen graduate schools and has an enrollment of 18,000. Exchange students enroll in a business program designed specifically for them with all instruction in English.  Classes must be approved by the Program Director or department chair and students are  encouraged to save business electives for this purpose.

Rikkyo is located in the Ikebukuro district of Tokyo on a campus that offers a wide variety of recreational facilities. Exchange students may participate in a wide variety of campus activities. Tokyo’s excellent public transportation system makes access to the campus an easy commute.

An efficient public transportation system and the famous “bullet trains” make it easy to travel within the region and to other areas of Japan.

City Overview

Rikkyo Campus

Tokyo  has been the capital of Japan since the nineteenth century, and is the cultural  and business heart of the nation. Tokyo is also the center of Japan’s youth culture where new trends add an exciting dimension to the urban experience in Japan.

Tokyo has many fine museums, theaters, and other cultural sites, but Tokyo is best known for its shopping, restaurants, and trendy clubs. Districts like Harajuku and Shinjuku cater to young people, while Ginza is known for high-end shops of every type. The Tokyo subway allows you to explore the city easily and signs and announcements are always in English for those who do not know Japanese.  Living in Tokyo is an education itself.

 Program Highlights

  • The College of Business offers many courses in English which should fulfill business major requirements.
  • All business classes have an independent studies component that involves work with a business professor.
  • Students may also take Japanese language courses to obtain firsthand knowledge of the culture and language of Japan.
  • Instruction through the latest innovations, fully equipped laboratories.Tokyo
  • Advance registration for classes.

Academic Calendar

Fall Semester:  Mid-August to Early February

Spring Semester:  Early April to Late July

Please see the 2020-21 Academic Calendar for specific dates

Academic Focus

Language of Instruction



  • Class Level:  Upper-division status (completion of 60 units)
  • GPA of 2.75 or above and good academic standing to departure
  • Global Business Major (Other majors may apply but choice of courses in English is limited)
  • Special Note to Business Majors:  In order to receive credit for upper-division courses abroad, you must have already completed your Pre-Core course work at CSUSM.


15 semeter units.  This will be between 10-12 classes/semester due to the nature of the credit system in Japan.


While there are no on-campus dormitories, Rikkyo University does offer its students university housing located within an easy commute of campus.  Finding reasonable accommodation in Tokyo is extremely difficult, therefore students are encouraged to use and apply early for university-owned accommodation.

Estimated Expense

  • Students pay their normal State University tuition and fees to CSU San Marcos. No tuition or fees due at Rikkyo University
  • Off-campus University housing for international students is available for approximately $2,150 - $3,200*/semester depending on the term. The university will also assist in locating convenient apartments or homestays.
  • Cost of meals and personal expenses will vary, but average $700* per month.
  • Supplemental  Health insurance is $265/semester
  • Japanese Multiple-Entry Visa:  $50
  • Sample 2020-21 Budget

*Prices found on Rikkyo's website have been converted from JPY (Japanese Yen) to USD (US Dollar) currency for reference. To find live currency rates visit Currency Converter

Application Deadlines

For Fall Semester Study:  March 1

For Spring/Year Semester Study:  October 1

How to Apply

  1. Visit the Rikkyo main website to learn about the university.  Check out the College of Business and their philosophy of teaching. 
  2. Consult with the CSU San Marcos Study Abroad Advisor in ELB 588 to determine if you are eligible for this program.
  3. Obtain course descriptions for the College of Business classes on offer. 
  4. Consult with appropriate advisor in the College of Business Administration to determine if the Rikkyo courses will count toward your major.
  5. Order an official transcript from CSUSM and any other college from which you have taken a semester or more in classes (even if you have already transferred credit to CSUSM)
    • Please pick your transcripts up in person and deliver them to ELB 588Keep in mind that transcripts are now taking 7-10 business days to process.  Plan accordingly.
  6. Obtain and complete an Exchange Student Application through the new online system after initial nomination by the Study Abroad Advisor.   Submit the complete application to the CSUSM Study Abroad Advisor along with all other application materials noted on the checklist. 
    • Please double check that you have everything in order--this is a very detailed application.  Give yourself ample time for the medical clearance and proof of financial eligibility documents.
  7. Submit additional application details to Global Education:  CSUSM General Study Abroad Application
  8. Submit your flight details to Global Education:  Flight Information Form
  9. Attend the pre-departure orientation and consult with the Study Abroad Advisor as necessary regarding the Student Visa process after Rikkyo acceptance.

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