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Faculty and Departments Study Abroad

Creating a new study abroad program for your students is an exciting and challenging undertaking. The benefits to faculty members and students are enormous, but the process requires careful planning.

While campus-based study abroad programs can take many forms, the most common is the short-term, summer program. Typically, a faculty member accompanies a group of students to a study center abroad where instruction occurs in an immersion environment. The focus can be on language, specialized major courses, or field work.

In an effort to assist faculty members interested in pursuing this option, the Division of Extended Learning and the Office of Global Education have developed a procedure for new program development.

All faculty led program proposals are reviewed by the  University Global Affairs Committee (UGAC) to ensure quality, sustainability, and strength of student programming.

The proposal process is outlined below:  

Step 1:

This questionnaire must be completed BEFORE the approval of any Faculty-Led Program. 

Step 2:

As a reminder, deadlines for submitting proposals are as follows:

  • April 1 (January program)
  • September 1 (Spring-break, Summer programs)

Please contact Danielle McMartin, Senior Director of Global Education ( if you are interested in developing a study abroad program as early as possible since the review process and pending legal counsel review can take upwards of 10 months.