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Employment (CPT/OPT)

  • Can students with proper authorization participate in Curricular Practical Training (CPT) while they are abroad because of the impact of COVID-19?

    Students may engage in CPT during their time abroad, provided they are:   

    • Enrolled in a program of study (remote coursework is acceptable) in which CPT is integral to the program of study; 
    • Global Education has authorized CPT in advance of the CPT start date; and  
    • Either the employer has an office outside the U.S. or the employer can assess student engagement and attainment of learning objectives electronically. 


    Summer 2020 CPT Options: 

    As CSUSM will be operating entirely online for summer 2020, internships must be virtual.  The Office of Internships is working with community partners to identify virtual internship opportunities for summer and beyond.  If anything changes before June, we will update our students.  For now, please look for internship opportunities that can be done remotely. 

  • I am graduating spring semester 2020 and want to apply for OPT. Do I have to remain in the U.S.?
    Currently, government guidance is you must be inside the U.S. to apply for OPT. There has been no official change to that policy. Because this policy is still in place, students who choose to leave the U.S. and enroll in spring quarter remotely will need to balance the risks. Universities across the U.S. have advocated together for a temporary change to that guidance and a formal petition letter has been submitted to USCIS. Continue to monitor this web page for updates or responses to that letter.  In addition, our office will email with any official updates we receive. 
  • Will the temporary closure of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) field offices and suspension of USCIS in-person services affect my OPT application?
    As of March 18th, USCIS temporarily closed its domestic field offices and suspended routine in-person services to help slow the spread of COVID-19. However, USCIS staff will continue to perform duties that do not involve contact with the public. OPT applications are adjudicated at the USCIS Service Centers (specifically at the Potomac Service Center in VA) and not at the field offices. In addition, OPT adjudications do not involve any contact with the public. For these reasons, we do not anticipate your OPT application being affected by this recent closure of USCIS field offices. 
  • I have lost my job or am worried about losing my job. What happens with my 90-day unemployment clock if I can no longer work due to Coronavirus?

    First, it is important to determine if you are being laid off or if you are being placed on a "temporary leave in accordance with your company's leave policies." In the first scenario, being laid off, this means that you do not have a job to come back to and will be asked to reapply.

    If you are placed on leave – whether paid or unpaid – this means that your workplace is temporarily suspending services but will keep your position for you and expect you to return when the company reopens. If you are not sure, please ask this question directly of your boss or your HR office, as this is a very important distinction.

    If you are being placed on leave in accordance with an official policy, then the days you are not working will not count as unemployment and will not count against your 90-day maximum period of unemployment (your "unemployment clock").

    If you are being laid off, however, you are required to report this end in employment within 10 days. These days will count against your 90-day unemployment clock. It is important to note that the international community has asked SEVP and USCIS to issue guidance on this issue and consider a temporary halt in counting of unemployment days – if any update is released (and we hope it will be) we will share it with you.

    In the meantime, we have to operate under the normal rules. If you are not clear on how many days you have left of your 90-day unemployment clock, please contact Global Education for an update.