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CSU Resident Director

The CSU system, through the Office of International Programs, offers students the opportunity to study abroad in 17 different countries.  In order to assist these students, a number of these sites have a Resident Director assigned to them.  The Resident Directors are CSU faculty members selected on a competitive basis each year to serve for one, and sometimes two years, at one of our study centers abroad.

Resident Directors are paid the equivalent of a full professor's salary plus transportation and some other incidental expenses.  They are expected to serve full-time as student advisers and may, in some cases, teach in the program abroad.

CSU currently has Resident Directors in France, Spain, Italy, Israel, Japan, Mexico, and Zimbabwe.  In some cases, fluency in the local language is required.  Visit the website of the CSU International Programs for more information and contact Ofer Meilich, your Academic Council on International Programs Representative, if you are interested in applying.