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Passport to Campus Culture

The passport to campus culture is an opportunity for international students to experience and get involved with CSUSM culture through exploration of events, locations, and services. Examples include participating in local trips or classes provided by campus recreation, attending sports events on campus, and participating in a craft or arts activity as well as visiting student services on campus.

By completing this program you will:

  • Obtain a Campus Culture Certificate
  • Celebrate completion of the program at the end of Fall 2023

How to participate:

To complete this program, you need to:

  1. Register using the online form: PCC Registration Form
  2. Attend an orientation or watch an orientation recording 
  3. Complete 10 categories & 4 Required program tasks By 11/24.
  4. Submit a check-in form after each category you complete: PCC Check-In Form
  5. Complete a reflection by 11/24 that discusses the knowledge, skills, and abilities you gained as a participant in the Passport to Campus Culture program: Reflection Form

Completing a task

Passport to Campus Culture Card Screenshot

Each category the 'passport' links you to a password protected worksheet with questions and prompts. In order to receive the password, please be sure to complete your PCC Registration Form.

After completing a worksheet, submit your PCC Check-In Form summarizing the information you gathered with the worksheet.

Worksheets may include:

  • Relevant website links
  • Activities that require you to visit a location or attend an event
  • Tasks & writing prompts related to the category/item

Interactive Passport