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Credit Approval

Study Abroad is a time to explore a new culture, make new friends, and expand your horizons—but don't forget that it's also a potential chance to earn credits toward your CSU San Marcos degree. Before you enroll in a Study Abroad program, you need to make sure that credits earned abroad with any program are accurately transferred and reflected on your CSUSM transcript.

Step1:  Initiate the AdobeSign Credit Approval Form for your Major/Minor.  Enter your email, your faculty advisor's email, and your name into the credit approval File Name.  Reference the listing of Faculty Advisors by College/Department for your particular Major or Minor.  This form should be done separately for each of your disciplines if you have more than one Major or a Major/Minor and foresee taking classes in those areas abroad.

Step 2:  You will receive an email from AdobeSign that will allow you to fill your portion of the form with your name, student ID, major, term dates, and courses, then attach relevant course descriptions to the form.  Please note that you will need to complete more than one form if you plan on taking more than 4 classes.  Each form should be relevant specifically to each of your major(s) or minor(s).

Step 3: Once completed by all sigers, this form will send a copy via email to all signers for easy reference.  Please remember to begin this process again if you experience any course/schedule changes in your time abroad.

Seeking General Education or Elective credits abroad?  Use the General Education Credit Approval Form and follow the steps as outlined above.  

Please note:

  • Any changes made to your proposed course work will require new faculty approval and signatures. Once transcripts are received, any courses not matching those listed on your Credit Approval Form will need new faculty approval/signatures within two weeks' of the semester's start or face being listed as general education credits.
  • Keep in contact with your Faculty Advisors and the Study Abroad Advisor as needed once you're abroad. A faculty member's email approval can be accepted in lieu of a signature, though this digital credit approval process is best and preferred practice.