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Travel & Safety Abroad

U.S. Passport Services:  Whether you are a first time passport holder or needing a renewal, the Department of State outlines the documents needed and steps involved in the passport process.

Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP):  All CSUSM travelers must register their travels with the U.S. Department of State through the STEP Program, offering helpful country alerts/updates plus registration with the local embassy.  Watch our helpful video tutorial here:  STEP Tutorial

The CIA World Factbook:  Discover interesting country facts and background before you travel! 

The Department of State's Country Information platform:  Discover local laws, customs, entry/exit requirements and health/safety conditions for destinations worldwide, including resources for the following specialized travelers, among others:

Emergencies Abroad:  Locate your nearest embassy and see helpful FAQs to help navigate a range of emergencies abroad.

 Hofstede Insights' Country Comparison Tool:  Discover how your destination compares to the U.S. on the following dimensions:  power distance, individuality, masculinity, uncertainty avoidance, long term orientation and indulgence.

Health & Wellness Abroad

Tips on Maintaining Good Mental Health Abroad from

People of Color Abroad

Black Students Abroad

Black + Abroad: Mo' Money, Mo' Travels:  Students share budgeting strategies and scholarships used in support of their study abroad experiences

Black + Abroad: Students Talk Back: What I Wish I Would've Known About Study Abroad: Study abroad returnees share what they wished they knew about study abroad during the planning process and during their travels

Black + Abroad: How My Blackness Informs My Travels:  Student returnees share how they chose their study abroad destinations based upon identity, interest, and travel pursuits

Amplifying the Voices of Black Disabled People Abroad:  Mobility International hosts this important webinar on access and inclusion for dually marginalized identities

Articles for further reading:

What it is Like to Be a "Minority" Abroad:  Valuable insights into overt and covert privilege within host culture

Dealing with Stereotypes While Abroad:  Discover strategies to cope with American or identity stereotypes to confidently be your real self abroad