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Travel & Safety Abroad

U.S. Passport Services:  Whether you are a first time passport holder or needing a renewal, the Department of State outlines the documents needed and steps involved in the passport process.

Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP):  All CSUSM travelers must register their travels with the U.S. Department of State through the STEP Program, offering helpful country alerts/updates plus registration with the local embassy.  Watch our helpful STEP Tutorial video.

The CIA World Factbook:  Discover interesting country facts and background before you travel! 

The Department of State's Country Information platform:  Discover local laws, customs, entry/exit requirements and health/safety conditions for destinations worldwide, including resources for the following specialized travelers, among others:

Emergencies Abroad:  Locate your nearest embassy and see helpful FAQs to help navigate a range of emergencies abroad.

 Hofstede Insights' Country Comparison Tool:  Discover how your destination compares to the U.S. on the following dimensions:  power distance, individuality, masculinity, uncertainty avoidance, long term orientation and indulgence.

Health & Wellness Abroad

Tips on Maintaining Good Mental Health Abroad from

People of Color Abroad

Black Students Abroad

Black + Abroad: Mo' Money, Mo' Travels:  Students share budgeting strategies and scholarships used in support of their study abroad experiences

Black + Abroad: Students Talk Back: What I Wish I Would've Known About Study Abroad: Study abroad returnees share what they wished they knew about study abroad during the planning process and during their travels

Black + Abroad: How My Blackness Informs My Travels:  Student returnees share how they chose their study abroad destinations based upon identity, interest, and travel pursuits

Amplifying the Voices of Black Disabled People Abroad:  Mobility International hosts this important webinar on access and inclusion for dually marginalized identities

Articles for further reading:

What it is Like to Be a "Minority" Abroad:  Valuable insights into overt and covert privilege within host culture

Dealing with Stereotypes While Abroad:  Discover strategies to cope with American or identity stereotypes to confidently be your real self abroad

Student Internship Opportunities in International Education

U.S. State Department Student Internship Program:  This is a paid internship with the opportunity to work in U.S. embassies and consulates throughout the world, as well as in various bureaus located in Washington, D.C. and at Department offices around the United States. This program is designed to provide substantive learning experiences in a foreign affairs environment.

U.S. Foreign Service Internship Program:  Spend two summers in an experiential-learning program designed to expose undergraduate students to U.S. diplomacy and the work of the Department of State.

The program includes two paid summer internships:

  • Three weeks of academic and professional training in Washington, D.C. followed by seven weeks working in a policy office at the U.S. Department of State
  • A ten-week assignment in a U.S. Embassy or Consulate abroad