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Study Abroad Programs

Brighton Beach, Melbourne

CSUSM students have a wide array of Study Abroad options available, from programs of a few weeks to a full academic year. Students may study at an international study center with visiting students, or may enroll at a foreign university with local students. Explore your options and come visit the Office of Global Education to delve into our comprehensive resource center for Study Abroad. You can also talk with a Study Abroad Advisor, who can help answer your questions about enrollment, credits, financial aid, and more.

January Term Programs Summer Programs  Exchange Programs

CSU International Programs (Year)  International Student Exchange Program  

Student Fulbright Programs  Outside Programs

January Term Study Abroad Programs

For complete information about these programs, see the Study Abroad Advisor in the Global Education Office, EL Building 588.

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Summer Study Abroad Programs

Summer Options Through Our Partners

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Exchange Programs

CSUSM has exchange agreements with universities abroad that allow its students to attend those universities for a semester or academic year and earn resident credit toward graduation. Students pay their same tuition and may use the full benefit of their financial aid to participate in these exchange programs. 

Most exchanges are university-wide and allow students in any major to attend a partner university. However, some agreements are specific to a particular major, such as business administration. Currently, CSU San Marcos has the following exchange programs for undergraduate students:

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If you are a CSU San Marcos student interested in studying at one of these universities, learn more about exchange opportunities from the Study Abroad Advisor in the Office of Global Education, EL Building 588

If you are a student at a university that has an exchange agreement with CSU San Marcos or receives students from the CSU International Programs, please contact your international education office to determine whether you are eligible for an exchange.

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CSU International Programs - Semester & Academic Year

As a CSU San Marcos student you have an extraordinary opportunity to participate in a system-wide study abroad program operated by the CSU Office of International Programs. CSU International Programs (IP) participants earn resident credit at CSUSM while they pursue full-time study at a host university or study center abroad. International Programs serves the needs of students by offering study in over 100 academic majors in 70 recognized universities across 18 countries. CSU International Programs have some semester options, though many reamin full academic year in length.

Students are responsible for all personal expenses, including room, board and costs of transportation to the study center (all costs vary by country and university). To view costs and expenses , visit CSU International Programs.

As a CSU San Marcos student, you are eligible to receive and utilize your full financial to support your study abroad work.  There are a number of additional scholarships you could also apply for to defray some of the cost. See our Financial Aid page for further details.

CSU International programs are located in:

For most programs, the minimum GPA requirement is 2.5, but a few require a 3.0.  In addition, there may be language or other course requirements.

The application deadline for most CSU International Programs is February 15 for travel commencing the following fall and  September 15 for courses beginning in spring.

For complete information about CSU International Programs, come to the Office of Global Education and speak with our IP Coordinator.

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International Student Exchange Program (ISEP)

What is ISEP?

California State University San Marcos is a proud member of the International Student Exchange Program (ISEP) — a network of over 220 post-secondary institutions in 50 countries cooperating to provide affordable international educational experiences for a diverse student population. ISEP members and affiliates are institutions of higher education that are regionally accredited (U.S. institutions) or recognized by their government or ministry of education (non-U.S. institutions). 

As a partner and member institution of ISEP, CSUSM students are able to take advantage of the opportunities for international study offered through ISEP. 

    1) ISEP-Exchange: CSUSM students participating in an ISEP exchange pay a program fee that is based on CSUSM resident tuition and fees, housing and meals, and receive those benefits at their host university. View the most recent ISEP Exchange estimated cost sheet.

    2) ISEP-Direct: CSUSM students pay a fee to ISEP which covers the host institution's program costs. Please refer to the specific location and univesity abroad for the ISEP fee.

    3) ISEP Summer: Please refer to the ISEP summer programs page for information about the many short-term programs available. CSUSM students pay a fee to ISEP which covers the host institution's program costs. Please refer to the specific location and university abroad for this fee.

How do I Apply to ISEP? 

Make an appointment with a Study Abroad Advisor.  The study abroad office will be your primary contact with ISEP and will advise you on all aspects of the program. To schedule an appointment call (760) 750-4090 or come in to the Office of Global Education, EL Building 588.

The application is now completely online and can be accessed by creating a unique login/password via the How to Apply tab. The Office of Global Education can assist you in uploading additional documentation such as transcripts, a passport photocopy, letter of recommendation, language proficiency etc.

Make an appointment with your academic advisor to discuss your academic plan and how study abroad courses may fit in your schedule. Your academic advisor will be able to help you determine whether or not your plan of study will meet major or graduation requirements. You will need to carefully research courses on the host institution's website to ensure they are a good academic fit for your goals. Once you have been placed, you will receive more specific course information and schedules to allow you to complete the credit approval process with your faculty advisor.

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U.S. Student Fulbright Program

Among the many programs with the "Fulbright" name, is one that supports U.S. students interested in studying or doing research abroad. Applicants must have Bachelor's degrees at the time they do the program, but can apply as seniors. Master's and Doctoral degree students are also eligible. The application deadline is in mid-October of each year for the following academic year, but students are encouraged to begin planning their projects as early as possible.

Complete information about the program can be found at the U.S. Student Program website.

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Outside Programs & Resources

In addition to the study abroad options offered by CSU San Marcos, ISEP and the CSU International Programs, there are also businesses for study abroad available to facilitate study abroad for CSUSM students. The Office of Global Education maintains an extensive library of brochures and reference books describing these programs. There are a number of excellent websites that you can also access for study abroad information.  Some sites list a range of study abroad options while others promote a particular set of programs.

Study Abroad Directories

Students can use these powerful web databases to search worldwide learning opportunities. There are options to enter various search criteria such as location, duration, course of study, and dates to produce a list of program options offered through multiple providers.  

Study Abroad Program Providers

There are numerous organizations that provide a variety of programs to supplement those offered by universities.  The organizations listed below are a sample of long established study abroad program providers.  The programs offered by these providers will also appear in a directory search.  

  • AIFS Study Abroad offers a number of diverse locations and excellent quality and service.  As an affiliate, students will receive a $400 discount for semester/year programs and $200 off of summer programming. They provide a number of diversity, merit, and affiliate scholarships for additional savings.
  • API Abroad offers a wide range of traditional study abroad options as well as internships, virtual and in-person.  More details to follow on application discounts.
  • CEA Global Education offers high-quality academic programs abroad in a wide variety of majors in English or the local language. All CEA locations offer options for immersion with local students at local universities, and CEA's Global Campuses offer active learning and career development mentoring opportunities. As a CSUSM affiliate, CEA will provide you with an automatic $600 grant for year-long programs, $300 for semester programs, or $200 for short-term or summer programs as well as additional scholarship eligibility.
  • International Studies Abroad (ISA) hosts extensive and affordable programs abroad. Many programs will be compsosite programs featuring host country language study as well as limited course work in English, usually focused in a specific discipline. As an affiliate of CSUSM, you will be refunded your $200 application fee after acceptance and be eligible for their wide range of scholarships.
  • The Education Abroad Network: (TEAN) offers tremendous opportunity in Australia, New Zealand and Asia. The affiliate discount offers $500 off semester/yearlong study and a free application.
  • The Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE) is one of the largest study abroad organizations. CIEE  offers work abroad and internship opportunities as well as traditional study abroad programs.

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