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January in Japan: Biotech Beyond the Border BIOT 675

Tokyo Tower

Program Highlights:

As part of our global immersion course, “Biotech Beyond the Borders”, students will be involved, participate, and experience the varied cultural differences that are followed by locals in Japan.  With the ever-changing nature of business world-wide,  it is imperative for students entering the Life Science industry to have sound knowledge of varied global cultures, customs, practices, and traditions. Living and studying in different countries will expose PSM students to lifestyle and business practices that will broaden their understanding of their field and themselves. Local excursions and events will enable students to explore new places and cities while guest lecturers with industry leaders and company visits will keep students apprised of real-world scenarios in the life sciences. 

Academic Calendar:

Program Dates:  January 4 - 20, 2023

Travel Dates:  January 7 - 18, 2023 (fly out January 7 for arrival at Tokyo Haneda airport on January 8)

Courses Available:

  • BIOT 675:  Biotech Across the Borders


  • Class level:  Open to current 2nd Year Professional Science Masters in Biotechnology Students
  • Satisfactory Academic Performance to departure
  • Proof of current COVID-19 vaccination (at least the initial vaccination(s) plus at least one booster if eligible) is required to participate in any of CSUSM’s international travel programs.  Due to the increased risk of contracting COVID while travelling, as well as the increased likelihood of having serious complications from COVID if you are not vaccinated, exemptions (religious or medical) are not currently accepted for our travel abroad programs; COVID vaccination is a required pre-requisite.


Two units will be awarded as detailed above, BIOT 675.


All students will stay in shared accommodation near Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Sciences or areas of site visit. Students will be accommodated in twin rooms with private bathrooms.  Daily breakfast is included with your hotel stay.

Arrival Hotel:  Shinagawa Prince Hotel in Shinagawa District

Anticipated Site Visits:

  • National Museum of Science and Innovation, including lab tour
  • Asakusa area tour
  • Tour of Tokyo University of Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences (TUPLS) & Guest Lecture
  • Dinner hosted by TUPLS
  • Lectures at Hachioji Station Business Facility
  • Thermo Fisher & Tokyo Stock Exchange Visit
  • Chugai Pharmaceutical and Takeda Visit, Nihonbashi
  • Visit to Kyowa Kirin Garden & Imperial Palace
  • Free morning in Atami; Free Day in Kyoto
  • Tour of Shionogi and Tanabe-Mitsubishi Pharma
  • Tour of Eli Lily and Daiichi Sankyo, Kobe

Estimated Total Cost:

Normal EL tuition fees

Additional Expenses to Budget:  
Airfare:  $1,200-$2,000 (recommended flight flies into Haneda, Tokyo (HND) and out of Osaka (ITM) )
Meals:  $150 (most meals covered as part of group travel; only some meals on own)
Spending money:  $400 (depends on the individual, could spend more or less)

Faculty Led Cancellation Policy

Some Useful Airfare Search Engines:

Please be sure to read the fine print concerning change fees, taxes, luggage restrictions, etc. before booking.  Whenever possible, book directly with an airline and include trip cancellation insurance.  Do NOT book flights until Global Education has given you the authorization to do so.  Our aim with this program will be to work with a Japanese travel agent, but those details are pending.


An adult passport book with at least 6 months validity until expiration is necessary for overseas travel.  First-time passport book applicants can expect processing times up to 4 months.  Plan to submit your passport applications early if you enroll in this program as withdrawals due to passport delays will not be refunded.  Non-US travelers are responsible for researching entry requirements and possible visas through their country's consular pages.

To Apply:

  1. Attend a required information session led by the Program Leaders running your course: Dr. Betsy Read (  and Dr. Debbie Galasso (
  2. Fill out the online application materials via the link below.   All application materials must be completed by Friday, October 28 along with your non-refundable $150 deposit.  Online payment preferred through Transact.  Please be advised to choose E-check and enter your checking account details to avoid the 2.65% convenience fees applicable to all non-checking account payments. Cash, checks, and money orders made payable to CSUSM will also be accepted via the Cashier's Office in Cougar Central, but must include this deposit form to track the payment.
  3. Attend a mandatory Health & Safety Meet and Greet with Global Education to discuss travel, practical planning, & health and safety, date TBD.
  4. Submit your flight details to Global Education here:  Flight Information Form
  5. Attend mandatory pre-departure orientation with your Program Leaders to discuss arrival instructions and the upcoming course.  Some course requirements/sessions may take place prior to leaving, beginning in December.  

January in Japan:  Biotech Beyond Borders Application