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Managers as Leaders


The Managers as Leaders Certificate program will equip, inspire and prepare you and your team for success. The program is built on a human-centered approach to leading and integrates best practices and research so you have the skills and knowledge to advance your career. The 10 high-impact topics are built upon three core principles: Managing Yourself, Managing Your Team and Managing Strategically. Gain an advantage to take the next step in your leadership development and your organization’s success.

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    This program is designed for:

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    Managers as Leaders

    Tuesdays, Sept. 24 - Nov. 12 (virtual)

    Thursdays, Sept. 26 - Nov. 14 (in-person at CSUSM campus)

    Managers as Leaders Registration

    Course Details

    • Classes held on Tuesdays
    • Morning session classes held from 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.


    Please note: All rates are subject to change without notice.


    Part 1: Managing Yourself

    Leading with Impact

    • Understand the differences between managing and leading
    • Learn methods and tools to manage yourself, your team and your networks
    • Impact the workplace with effective leadership skills and behaviors

    Inspiring Leadership Through Emotional Intelligence

    • Know how to better work with emotions to lead yourself and others
    • Uncover self-limiting ways of thinking and being that get in your way
    • Lead with empathy and collaboration to promote strong relationships
    • Make informed and better decisions using emotions to achieve team results

    Building Strategic Relationships

    • Assess leadership strengths through a StrengthsFinder survey
    • Learn how to identify strategic relationships
    • Identify important current and future relationships
    • Leverage strengths to build relationships

    Part 2: Managing Teams

    Enhancing Team Effectiveness

    • Learn components of High Performing Teams (HPT)
    • Create a culture of trust, collaboration, psychological safety and inclusiveness
    • Identify interferences to team productivity
    • Learn how to minimize interferences and increase productivity


    Resolving Conflict and Increasing Collaboration

    • Learn five sources and root causes of conflict
    • Identify conflicts arising from work-from-home, return-to-work and hybrid models
    • Utilize the Situation-Behavior-Impact process to discuss conflict situations

    Building Team Resilience

    • Implement strategies to increase your resilience and manage ambiguity
    • Manage and promote the seven key areas of personal and team resilience
    • Reimagine everyday approaches to leading and managing your energy
    • Reduce excessive stress and burnout indicators and promote well-being 

    Part 3: Managing Strategically

    Strategic Thinking Skills

    • Become a strategic, tactical and operational thinker
    • Learn to overcome barriers and tools to practice strategic thinking
    • Work collaboratively and improve decision making
    • Learn The Golden Circle – the why, what, and how of strategic thinking
    • Discover how to build strategic relationships and partnerships

    Managing Change and Transitions

    • Identify current workplace changes and challenges in the “New Normal”
    • Understand the difference between change and transition
    • Learn new tools and techniques to lead others through change
    • Use methods to overcome resistance to change

    Influencing Others

    • Identify your influence style
    • Learn your spheres of influence based on relationships and networks
    • Increase flexibility when influencing through tactics and behaviors
    • Manage stakeholders: managing up, peers, and team members

    The Road Ahead: Planning Your Success

    • Develop continuous learning and development of others
    • Focus on strengths while developing weaknesses
    • Create your own development plan
  • FAQ

    What services do you offer to active military, veterans and dependents?

    Please visit our military and veteran services page to learn how we can help.

    Does this program offer any CEUs?

    Yes, the total program is valid for 2.8 CEUs.

    Can this program be customized for my organization?

    Yes, this program may be offered at your organization and can be customized to fit your specific needs. Visit the custom training page for more information.

    How can I be considered for an instructor position or send in a course proposal?

    Thank you for your interest in becoming an instructor!  Please contact Cathy Scavone ( to receive an application and course proposal form.

Convenient format

This certificate program offers half-day classes once a week to accommodate your busy schedule

Immediately applicable

Gain strategies and resources that you can start using immediately in your current role

Learn from the best

Learn from experienced instructors who provide expertise, insights and real examples to help you become a better leader

Customizable program

This program can be customized to meet your organization’s specific needs



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