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Questions for Applicants

Experience Questions for Applicants

The purpose of these questions is to help determine whether your work experience will satisfy some or all of the pre-requisites required for the program.  Further, it may determine which of the Cyber Preparation Modules that you may waive or need to take.  Below are descriptions of the pre-requisites in three areas. 

If you have not taken equivalent courses for the pre-requisites, please briefly describe what equivalent work experience you have.

What is your knowledge or experience in these Programming areas:

  • Experience using at least one modern programming language (not a scripting language).
  • Knowledge of common features in modern programming languages.

What is your knowledge or experience in these Math ares:

  • Discrete mathematics (counting, set theory, modular arithmetic.
  • Elementary probability.
  • Familiarity with functions, especially exponential and logarithmic.

What is your knowledge or experience in these Networking areas:

  • A fundamental understanding of networking such as sub-netting, routing, VLANs,
  • A basic understanding of the standard protocols and services, i.e. DHCP, DNS, HTTP, etc
  • Some limited programming experience with languages or scripts such as C/C++,  Java, Perl, PHP, Python
  • Familiarity with the architecture and features of a LAN and WAN,
  • A fundamental understanding of the network communication concepts of port and protocols

What is your knowledge or experience in these Operating System areas:

  • A fundamental understanding of modern operating system design and implementation.
  • A basic understanding of operating system structure and operation including process management, memory management, storage management as well as current protection and security mechanisms.
  • A solid background using various operating systems interfaces, system calls, system programs and operating system debugging/monitoring.
  • Familiarity with a command line interface such as a Linux shell or Windows power shell is encouraged. Some limited programming experience using C/C++, Java or shell programming would be beneficial.