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ARAG Legal Insurance

The ARAGĀ® Legal plan is a group prepaid legal plan that provides representation for many personal legal services for you and your eligible dependents.  You can't predict the future, but you can plan for it.  It's for events you plan for, like getting married or creating a will. Or the unexpected situations, like a traffic ticket or landlord dispute.

  • Eligible employees must enroll in the plan within 60 calendar days of employment (or re-employment, if there has been a break in service of more than 30 calendar days), or during an Open Enrollment period.
  • Members are required to remain in the plan for a full benefit plan year.  Cancellation of the plan for the next calendar year must be completed with ARAGĀ® during Open Enrollment or the plan will continue for another year.
  • Offered to CSU employees, excluding Rehired Annuitants, Special Consultants, Hourly Intermittent employees and Students. Eligible dependents are covered at no additional cost.
  • Legal Plan Rate is $16.95 per month.
  • Consultations by telephone or in-person are covered services.
  • Some of the services covered include: identity theft defense, personal bankruptcy, tax audits, defense of civil lawsuits, document preparation, adoption or guardianship, real estate matters, traffic matters, wills and estate planning.
  • Covered legal services performed by a Network attorney are fully paid for by the plan. Out-of-Network attorney fees for covered services are reimbursed based on a set fee schedule.

If there is a discrepancy between the above information and the official plan documents and contracts, the official documents will always govern.

Additional Information

Enrollment Process

  1. To enroll call (800) 247-4187; or
  2. Visit the CSU ARAG Legal Plan website

For more information, contact ARAG customer service at (800) 247-4184 or visit the plan website at