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Drive-In Movie Night

Wrap up your weeks of welcome with ASI at our Drive-In Movie Night on Saturday, September 7, 2019! We’ll be in Lot F, where students can park their vehicles or bring chairs to watch a movie! In addition to the screening, students will be able to enjoy snacks from our concessions tables!

Students are welcomed to bring ONE guest, blankets, and chairs.

Rules and Information:
  • Doors open at 6:30 pm! Get there early for the best spot!
  • Each guest MUST be accompanied by a current CSUSM student.
  • Bathrooms will be located inside the Foundations Classroom Building.
  • ASI reserves the right to spot check the inside of your vehicle, including the trunk.

Movie will be broadcasted through FM radio for cars and speaker for outdoor screening.Tall vehicles (Truck, SUV, Cars w/ hatchbacks, Motorhomes, ect.) 65' inches or taller are required to park in the back only. Traffic directors will monitor vehicle parking to ensure optimal viewing for all customers.Pets are not allowed.No alcoholic drinks are permitted.Barbeques are not allowed under any circumstances!There is not spot/space saving for any reason. All spots are first-come, first-served customers. Students are allowed to sit outside their vehicle in the space provided in front of the inflatable screen.Hatchback's or rear-windowed vehicles will need to be parked in the truck parking area.It would be nice to bring your own jump kit or have AAA on hand in case of a dead battery.No riding skateboards, roller skates, or scooters. Please make sure you stay to the right hand side of driveway