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ABSN Admission Process


After we have completed a review of your transcripts we will send you your "Evaluation Worksheet." This worksheet will outline the requirements you have met and any needed to be eligible for admission. For more information about how we evaluate courses to meet the Pre-Nursing Core, please see this page.

If you have met all admission requirements you will be assigned a points score based on our points criteria. Your points will be listed on your worksheet so you can compare them to our admissions statistics.


Once the priority deadline for the term you have applied to has passed we will review our points rankings and send admission offers to the top 60 students. Students are given a  deadline by which to accept or decline their offers of admission.

If there are remaining spots after the first round of admission we will continue to backfill available spots from the top students on our points rankings.

If you are not offered admission for  the term you originally applied to you will not be denied. Applicants will remain on our rankings and in consideration for 1 year. For example, students applying to fall who are not offered admission will be kept in consideration for the spring and summer admissions cycles as well.  

Students not admitted after their 1 year consideration cycle need to reapply.