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Payment Plans

Summer Payment Plans Now Available!

Payment plans are now available for Summer 2020. Please review the steps below to opt-in for a payment plan. 

Registration through May 12th
Payment Due Date
First Installment May 13th
Second Installment June 13th
Third Installment July 13th
Registration from May 13th through June 12th
Payment Due Date
First Installment June 13th
Second Installment July 13th
Third Installment N/A

Current CSUSM Degree Seeking and Certificate Students

After enrolling in your summer class(es) through your Student Center, follow the "How to Sign Up for the Installment Payment Plan" shown at the bottom of this page.

All Other Students

  1. Review the Summer 2020 Schedule for class available (if available, follow the steps below);
             a. If the class is available, proceed to the next step.
             b. If the class is not available, email the faculty member of the course and ask permission to be enrolled.

  2. Identify if the class has any prerequisites
             a. If the class has prerequisites, obtain unofficial transcripts from you previous institution where you satisfied the prerequisite.

  3. Complete the Quick Admit Form;

  4. Email and provide the following information/documents in your email:
             a. First and Last Name
             b. Email Address
             c. Class and Course Number (ex. ANTH 301, 33458)
             d. Attach your unofficial copy of your transcripts – this only needs to be provided if the course(s) you are interested in has prerequisites.
             e. Permission Number – this only needs to be provided if the faculty member for the course has provided you with a permission number.

Once Extended Learning as confirmed your enrollment, follow the "How to Sign Up for the Installment Payment Plan" shown below.

If you do not want to sign up for a payment plan, please continue to register through the Summer 2020 Schedule.

How to Sign Up For the Installment Payment Plan

1. From your Student Center, click the drop-down and select “Enroll in Payment Plan”, and click the arrow.

screenshot enroll in payment plan dropdown menu

2. Review the terms and conditions.  Check the button which indicates you agree to the terms and conditions.  Click the yellow “Next” button.

screenshot - radio button to left of terms and conditions and next submit button

3. Review the installment schedule and instructions.  If you agree to the schedule and instructions, click the yellow “Next” button.

screenshot - table view of installments with next submit button

4. Acknowledge your acceptance of enrollment in the installment payment plan by checking the box, and clicking the yellow “Enroll” button.

screenshot checkbox agreeing to payment plan and enroll submit button

5. Confirmation page confirms your enrollment in the installment payment plan.

screenshot - confirmation of payment plan registration