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EDHEC Business School

University OverviewEDHEC Business School

EDHEC Business School was founded in 1906 with the inspiration of encouraging diversity. There are two main campuses (Nice and Lille), and three executive campuses (Paris, London, and Singapore).  Ranked as one of the top five undergraduate business programs in France, EDHEC has over 5,500 students enrolled in their highly competitive business degrees.  EDHEC offers an excellent faculty of academics and practitioners, professional and personalized support from the Career Center, and an important network of companies and alumni.

EDHEC Business School gives international students opportunities to get to know native students through their student associations. Courses for visiting students are limited but offered in English, with an option for studying French language.  This program would be ideal for third year business students who are just beginning their foundation courses or upper-division electives.

City Overview

Students have a choice between two locations for their studies: Nice and Lille.

Nice is best known as a stunning resort city on the banks of the French Riviera.  Its Mediterranean lifestyle makes it an attractive tourist destination.  The EDHEC Nice campus is located near the Nice airport, just a few miles to the beach and around twenty minutes by bus to the main downtown area. There are numerous housing and food options in this more commercial, residential district.  Southern France will offer a wealth of year-round activities for visiting students.

With its rich medieval history and heavy Flemish influence, Lille is an enchanting town offering tourists a wide variety of architectural gems, parks, and historical landmarks.  Located in northern France along the border to Belgium, students will enjoy the well-connected public transport systems of buses, trams and metro to tour surrounding parts of France and continental Europe.  Paris is a little over two hours away by train.

Program Highlights

  • Free French language courses to visiting students are available at both campuses.  Language exchanges with French students is also highly recommended.
  • Modern, campus facilities and an International Office staff to get you connected.

Academic Calendar

Fall Semester:  Early September to Late December

Spring Semester:  Early January to Late May

Academic Year:  Early September to Late May

Academic Focus

  • This program is an intensive Business Management program only available for students currently in Business standing.
  • Fall semester business courses:  Required courses:  Operations Management: Purchasing and Supply Chain; Leadership; Corporate Communication; International Business Development Strategies; Contemporary French and Society.  Optional courses subject to enrollment:  International Marketing; Principles of Corporate Finance--Cash Flow Management; Entrepreneurship.
  • Spring semester business courses: European Economic and Governance Issues; Operations Management: IT and Logistics; Corporate Social Responsibility (Lille campus only); Sustainability (Nice campus only); Contemporary French Business and Society; and Cross Cultural Management.  Optional courses subject to enrollment:  Principles of Corporate Finance -Long Term Financial Management; European Business Law; Luxury Industry.

Language of Instruction



  • Class Level:  Upper-division status (completion of 60 units)
  • GPA of 2.75 or above and good academic standing to departure.
  • Prerequisites:  Some courses will require previous course work.  All Business majors should already have completed their Pre-Core course work at CSUSM before enrolling at EDHEC Business School.


15-18 semester units/30 ECT units (European Credit Transfer system). Typically this will be between 5-6 classes/semester.  The European Credit Transfer system is calculated in a 2:1 ratio.  For example, a 6 ECT unit class will count as 3 CSU semester units.

There are optional language and electives available as well.


Nice Campus:

Students may apply for a studio flat in the Van Gogh Hall of Residence, however these rooms are typically rented on a year lease so time-sharing will need to be arranged for one semester students.  Currently rent runs 410 Euros/month, roughly $531.  Please visit the Housing and Lodging homepage for additional information.  Off-campus accommodation is available on (click on photo for English version) and  or you can see ads for private flats and residences on EDHEC blackboard.

Lille Campus:

On campus accommodation is offered to nominated students at the ESPEME/EDHEC residence.

There are 2 options:

  1. Kots: apartments shared by 8 students with private bedroom and bathroom for each student.  Rent is 420 Euros/month, roughly $544.
  2. Private studios: individual apartments with private bedroom, bathroom and kitchenette.  Rent is 470 Euros/month, roughly $609.

Students seeking off-campus accommodation should plan on arriving at least two weeks prior to their program start date.

Estimated Expense

  • Students pay their normal State University Fee to CSU San Marcos, currently $3,851/semester.  No tuition or fees due at EDHEC.
  • On-campus residence:  On average, $530-609/month for a private room, shared bath, and no meal plan.  Off campus housing varies based on location and type.
  • Health Insurance:  Supplemental Wells Fargo Study Abroad Health Insurance is $265/semester. 
  • Cost of meals and personal expenses will vary, but average $500 per month.
  • Campus France Visa:  $132
  • Sample Budget 2017-18

Application Deadlines

For Fall Semester Study:  March 15

For Spring Semester Study:  October 1

How to Apply

  1. Visit the at EDHEC Business School website at to learn about the university.  For life in and around Nice and Lille, visit a good tourism site such as
  2. Meet with the Study Abroad Advisor in Craven 3200 to determine if you are eligible for this program.
  3. Ask an advisor if EDHEC will count towards your minor. If so, complete a Study Abroad Credit Approval Form.  This form MUST be submitted to Global Education before departure.
  4. Order an official transcript from CSUSM and any other college from which you have taken a semester or more in classes (even if you have already transferred credit to CSUSM) Please pick your transcripts up in person and deliver them to Craven 3200.  Keep in mind that transcripts are now taking 7-10 business days to process.  Plan accordingly.
  5. Read about student housing for your campus.  Consult the Housing page for your particular options and sign up accordingly.
  6. Complete the EDHEC application and submit it to the Study Abroad Advisor in Craven 3200 along with all other application materials.
  7. Submit additional application details to Global Education here:  CSUSM General Study Abroad Application
  8. Submit your flight details to Global Education here:  Flight Information Form
  9. Attend the pre-departure orientation and consult with the Study Abroad Advisor as necessary regarding the Student Visa process after EDHEC acceptance.