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January in Vietnam: Nursing and Community Health


Program Highlights:

CSUSM students will join Professor Lien Nguyen to engage in a short-term fieldwork experience in Vietnam.  This service learning will enable students to engage with the community through public health education and special community projects.

A few local cultural activities will be added to the service learning including a cruise on Ha Long Bay, city tours and visits to UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Academic Calendar:

December 25, 2018 - January 20, 2019

Academic Focus:

Community Health

Primary Faculty Contact:  Professor Lien Nguyen,

Language of Instruction: 



Fully in Nursing program.  Please see faculty contact for meeting additional course prerequisites.


All program participants will be placed in shared rooms at local hotels.  Depending on hotel type, breakfasts may be included.  Students will have all of their basic needs met including comfortable beds, indoor plumbing, and showers in a clean, safe, friendly environment.

Estimated Cost:


All fees include community health experience, shared accommodation and partial meals, medical insurance, and visa fees, excursions, flights etc.

We estimate these additional costs as follows:

  • Meals & Personal Expenses:  $300-$500    

Some useful airfare search engines:

We typically arrange a group flight through a local travel agent.  Please stay tuned for details.  Please be sure to read the fine print concerning change fees, taxes, luggage restrictions, etc. before booking.  Whenever possible, book directly with an airline. 

To Apply:

  1. aFill out the application below and bring your $550 non-refundable deposit to the Office of Global Education, Craven 3200, no later than Monday, September 17.  Only cash or checks made payable to CSUSM will be accepted.
  2. Final payment of $760 is due no later than Monday, October 15 to the Office of Global Education.  Online payment preferred through CashNet.  Please be advised to choose E-check and enter your checking account details to avoid the 2.75% convenience fees applicable to all non-checking account payments. Cash, checks, and money orders made payable to CSUSM will also be accepted.
  3. Attend the pre-departure orientation held by your faculty to get acclimated to program goals and features.

January in Vietnam 2019 Application