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Nonindustrial Disability Insurance (NDI)

The CSU funds a partial wage continuation program, Nonindustrial Disability Insurance (NDI), in lieu of State Disability Insurance (SDI) for eligible employees that have suffered loss of wages due to a disability or injury that is non-work related.  Both plans are administered by the State of California Employment Development Department (EDD). 

Eligible employees may receive benefit payments up to 26 weeks (182 calendar days) for any one disability period upon exhausting sick leave hours and meeting the 7-day waiting period (if applicable, exceptions may apply).  The benefit payments may not exceed the specified weekly amount as defined by employee category. NDI benefits may not exceed six (6) months for any one incident.

  • Eligibility

    A CSU employee who suffers a disability or injury which is not work-related may receive NDI benefits if all of the following four conditions are met. The employee:

    1. Is an active CalPERS/STRS member in compensated employment, and
    2. Is a permanent or probationary full-time CSU employee, regardless of period of service, in compensated employment, or

    Is a permanent part-time or hourly CSU employee who has permanent status with at least the equivalent of six (6) monthly compensated pay periods of service in the 18 months of pay periods immediately preceding the pay period in which the disability beings. To qualify for the "six (6) monthly compensated pay periods of service in the 18 months of pay periods" the employee must have been compensated for time worked during at least six (6) of the 18 months prior to the pay period in which the disability begins. The amount paid may be as little as one hour each month for six (6) months, but there must have been some compensation, or

    Is an employee of the CSU appointed half time or more for one year of service or one academic year or more, and

    3. Has a disability which has been verified and accepted by the Employment Development Department (EDD), and

    4. Submits to a medical examination, if requested, by EDD.

  • Use of Sick Leave, Vacation and CTO Credits

    Sick Leave
    An employee must use all accrued sick leave credits before any NDI benefits may be paid. On the final day of sick leave, if the number of hours charged is four or less, the employee is eligible for NDI benefits for that date. If the number of hours charged is five or more hours, NDI benefits commence on the following day.

    Vacation and Compensatory Time Off (CTO)
    Use of accrued vacation and/or CTO credits is optional. However, if the employee elects to use accrued vacation/CTO credits, all the accrued vacation/CTO credits must be used before NDI benefits will be paid. If an employee elects not to use accrued vacation/CTO credits, then the accrued time may not be used until the employee returns to work (back on the job physically performing regular or customary duties at the time base the employee held prior to the disabling injury or illness) for a minimum of one full workday.

  • Benefit Amount

    An eligible employee who is a member of one of the following employee categories may receive a weekly benefit payment, up to 26 weeks for any single disability benefit period deemed non-work related: 

    Employee Category Weekly NDI Benefit

    Unit 1 - Physicians
    Units 2, 5, 7, & 9 - CSUEU
    Unit 4 - Academic Support
    Unit 6 - Skilled Trades
    C99 - Confidential
    M80 - MPP
    M98 - Executive


    Unit 3 - Faculty
    Unit 8 - Public Safety
    Unit 11 - Teaching Associates

  • Application Process

    NDI applications are processed through EDD.  Upon receipt of the completed claim application, the EDD office will determine eligibility.  This process may take up to 14 days, it is important to note that processing time may vary depending on the claim.  If the claim is incomplete or requires additional information, confirming eligibility can be delayed.  The eligibility determination notice will be mailed to the employee and the to the campus directly from the EDD office.  

    NDI is a paper-based application and is not to be confused with SDI which is an electronic application process.  To initiate an NDI application (DE 8501 - First Claim for NDI), coordination with the Office of Human Resources is required. 

    To initiate an application, please contact: 

    The Office of Human Resources
    Phone:  760-750-4418
  • Employment Development Department (EDD)
    State of California Employment Development Department                                               
    Nonindustrial Disability Insurance
    P.O. Box 2168
    Stockton, CA  95201-2168
    (866) 758-9768

DE 8502 - EDD NDI Provisions Brochure