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FlexCash and Tax Advantage Premium Plan (TAPP)

The CSU offers two plans that help employees manage their benefit needs and save valuable tax dollars.  If an employee has group medical and/or dental coverage not offered by the CSU, the FlexCash Plan pays cash in lieu of CSU coverage, allowing the employee to receive only the coverage needed. If an employee elects health coverage through the CSU, the Tax Advantage Premium Plan (TAPP) allow for the payment of health insurance premiums on a pre-tax basis, reducing federal, state and FICA taxes.

If an employee chooses to participate in FlexCash, the following monthly after-tax payments are made to the employee:

Benefit Waived Payment
Medical and Dental $140
Medical Only $128
Dental Only $12

The CSU may change these amounts in the future, subject to collective bargaining.

Please refer to the Flex Cash Plan and Tax Advantage Premium Plan Brochure for further information.