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Roger Herzler ’06, MBA ‘10, Reflects on Dean Hamerly's Impact Teaching and Leading the College


Roger Herzler, CoBA's Director  of Community Projects, reflects on his experience learning from and working with Dean Hamerly as the college announces the long time leader's retirement. 

"I met Dr. Jim Hamerly back in the spring of 2003 when I took his "Managing a High-Tech Startup" class (HTM 413).  It was the first upper division class I took for the "High Technology Management" major (back before it was called MIS).  From the beginning, Jim was very thoughtful and caring about student success. I found out later that it was his very first class on our campus, but you wouldn't have known it.  That class was one of the best I'd had up to that point in my academic career and remains in the top tier to this day.  The class was delivered with a high degree of professionalism and passion.  He made the class even more interesting by sharing stories from the corporate world, such as the time he helped create and commercialize the Netscape browser, making him a genuine internet pioneer.   Back in those days, everyone in information systems knew what Netscape was, so it was clear even then that he was a big deal.  (Go ask your parents if you've never heard of Netscape.)"

"Starting with that first classroom experience with Jim and up through today, I can say without hesitation that he's one of the finest educators and business leaders I have ever worked with.  It has been my pleasure and honor to work with him in my current role as part of the Dean's staff.  He truly cares about the people that work for him as well as our students.  He leads by example with a great attitude, all while selflessly being available to happily help whenever needed.  I'm so excited to see that a scholarship has been founded in his name, where his legacy of student success and commitment can live on.  I can't think of a more fitting tribute to his legacy at CoBA."