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San Diego Sports and Active Lifestyle Industry Impact

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San Diego County is home to a flourishing, active culture and economy thanks to its young, wealthy, and educated population. San Diego County’s climate and geography uniquely enables its inhabitants to participate in a variety of active lifestyle pursuits. Uninhibited by the restrictions of poor weather and overdeveloped urban landscapes, San Diego County’s recreational sport culture continues to thrive. The region’s active, wellness-driven way of life creates a sport culture driven by active participation in physical activity. The drive to spectate as well as participate makes San Diego County an excellent city for sports and active lifestyle activities.

CSUSM and San Diego Sports Innovators (SDSI), a non-profit organization working to establish establish San Diego as the home of Sports and Active LIfestyle (SAL) Industry, have partnered to gather data on the significant impact that the SAL industry has on the region.

San Diego County SAL Industry Economic Contribution 

Impact Type Employment Labor Income Value Added Total Output
Direct Effect 39,094 1,327,459,290 1,990,354,076 3,605,811,208
Indirect Effect  9,363 511,726,018 847,834,545 1,403,263,666
Induced Effect  9,206 443,569,621 791,271,814 1,307,088,366
Total Effect 57,664 2,282,754,929 3,629,460,435 6,316,163,240

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 Full Report