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Professional Mentor Program

Applications for the Fall 2021-Spring 2022 mentor program are now open!

The CoBA Professional Mentor Program, coordinated by the CoBA Advisory Board, gives students a unique opportunity to learn directly from business professionals in a one-on-one relationship. Stone Brewery supports this program by hosting the Kick Off and Wrap Up events.

Please follow the links below for more information:

Undergraduate Students

MBA Students 

Professionals Interested in Mentoring

Fabien Huertas

"I'm so grateful to be paired with my amazing Mentor, Diane Arnold. Ms. Arnold shared with me such valuable real-life knowledge that surpasses any information I can get from just a book. I always look forward to our meetings, not only are they memorable, but we always end them with a quote that has a great significance in our lives."

Fabien Huertas, Student Mentee, Spring 2018

Kristina Winder
"This mentorship program has positively shaped my graduation experience in the way that I have someone to ask advice from in terms of my career, education and personal questions. Because of this program, my professional network has grown immensely and so has my confidence in myself and my professional abilities."

Kristina Winder, Student Mentee, Spring 2018