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College of Business Administration

CSUSM Veteran Entrepreneurship Program

CSUSM Veteran Entrepreneurship Program

fostering a community of veteran entrepreneurs

Helping CSUSM Veterans

The College of Business Administration (CoBA) Veteran Entrepreneurship Program is responsible for assisting veterans, at no cost to them, in starting their entrepreneurial businesses through experiential teaching and research. Moreover, the program creates and fosters a growing community of veteran entrepreneurs. Veterans have the training, leadership skills, and perseverance necessary to become successful business owners. What many veterans need is the guidance, mentoring, and seed funding to create the networks and structures that will power their new ventures.

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Program Overview

The Veteran Entrepreneurship Program (VEP) turns local Veterans into Local Business Leaders! The VEP draws upon the skills, resources and infrastructure of CSUSM to offer a world-class experiential training in entrepreneurship and small business management. The VEP helps foster economic opportunity by focusing on supporting veteran business ventures by transitioning skills learned from the military to skills needed to run successful businesses. Veterans Ventures can expect to receive a top notch education to successfully launch a new business venture coupled with proven mentorship.

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Program Starts

Stage 1: Online Module (1 month)
Online portion of programs begins




Stage 2: Weekly Meetings (2-3 months)
Transition to weekly meetings -- Topics covered in meetings

Pitch Competition

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Follow Up

Stage 3: Follow Up (3-10 months)
After Program Opportunities
Additional Post Program Support
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Important Dates

December 23, 2022

Application deadline

February 6, 2023

Orientation week

February 13, 2023

Start of online modules

March 13, 2023

Start of workshops

Program Eligibility

Veterans from all branches of the military, including the National Guard, qualify to participate in the program. Preference is given to CSUSM student veterans who apply for the program, but applicants do not have to be enrolled. CSUSM is excited to announce the eligibility of immediate family members (spouse and/or children) of veterans.

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