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Student Testimonials


 “One of the best decisions I made during college was being part of the CSUSM CoBA professional mentorship program. The knowledge, experience, wisdom, encouragement, and network opportunity that I got from my mentor are invaluable. I gained, discover, and improved many skills that will be valuable as I start my professional career."  


Yaqueline Rodriguez, Student Mentee


 “I am very grateful so have had the opportunity to meet and learn from a professional mentor in the CSUSM COBA program. The wisdom, knowledge, and encouragement I gleaned from my mentor was invaluable to transition into the workforce.”



 Jessica Earnshaw, Student Mentee


 “The mentor program has been a challenging asset and very instrumental to growing my professional career. Jordan and Taryn helped me find what my passion is within the supply chain industry. They gave me real life experience and skill sets to transition into the workforce confidence and motivated.”


Samantha Hoover, Student Mentee


“The Mentorship Program helped me gain the self-confidence during my time at CSUSM and the workplace. My mentors were there for me every step of the way to help me fulfill my long term career goal of earning a supply chain related, analyst role, in my top 3 choice of companies to work for. My mentors helped me with my resume, prepared me for interviews, and everything else in between; that helped me prepare and land an Inventory Control Analyst role with Illumina - my top choice company.”

Alyana Rosario, Student Mentee


 “My experience with the Mentor Program was amazing! I loved my mentor and she has taught me so much valuable information and given me such great career and life advice. I have been exposed to various different opportunities because of this program and I am overall very satisfied with the outcome.”


Samantha Gonzalez, Student Mentee

Leonard Lee

“The mentor program contributed to my professional development by giving me insight to aspects of marketing myself not just my degree. It also helped me develop relationships with other business professionals and expand my network.”



— Leonard Lee, Student Mentee


 “So far, my experience has been amazing. Steve has taken his valuable time out of his schedule to help me progress professionally. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity and the knowledge I have gained. As a result of the program, I feel more comfortable and ready for the next chapter after graduation.”


— Justin Buhagiar, Student Mentee

Fabien Huertas

 "I'm so grateful to be paired with my amazing Mentor, Diane Arnold. Ms. Arnold shared with me such valuable real-life knowledge that surpasses any information I can get from just a book. I always look forward to our meetings, not only are they memorable, but we always end them with a quote that has a great significance in our lives."


Fabien Huertas, Student Mentee

Kristina winder

 "This mentorship program has positively shaped my graduation experience in the way that I have someone to ask advice from in terms of my career, education and personal questions. Because of this program, my professional network has grown immensely and so has my confidence in myself and my professional abilities."


Kristina Winder, Student Mentee

Jehan Assria

 "For the mentorship program, I got paired up with Dave Kaplan, and he made a positive impact in my life. Dave is very encouraging about my future plans in the music industry and will always keep me on the right track. As a business student, I found his advice very valuable regarding running my own company one day. Our meetings were at his office in Encinitas, and his team would always give me a warm welcome anytime I would visit. Overall, I couldn't be happier with this experience."

Jehan Assria, Student Mentee

"I have done many things in my six years in college; joined societies and a business fraternity, attended networking events, and this mentorship program. The mentorship program is by far the #1 thing I would recommend to students. This program is what really set me up for success the most. I gained an internship with my mentor's company and am now being considered for a full time position with the company. If you can do anything in college to set yourself up for success, I highly recommend the mentorship program."
-Christina De La Cova, Student Mentee

"Before starting the mentor program I had a hard time knowing not just what I wanted out of a career, but out of life too. It's awesome to be given the perspective of someone who has been where I am headed because it gave me things to think about to help me answer the questions that I was struggling with."
-Andrew Abraham, Student Mentee

"This program is AMAZING, and I cannot stress this enough. I would highly encourage every student to participate in this program if they can. The mentors are fabulous and are driven to guide students and help them reach their goals. Not only do the students learn different skills but also have the ability to ask any questions they might have. I have been able to pick my mentor's brain and really dig deep into what I would want in my future career and how I could get there."
-Kiren Khan, Student Mentee

"I really enjoyed branching out and networking with individuals who have been in my shoes and understand the necessary steps to take in order to pursue the next step of starting a career. It was informative, reassuring, and it helped me build confidence within myself as it pertains to starting my professional career."
-Kameron Butts, Student Mentee

"The best part about the mentorship program was getting to know well-established individuals who can help you plan your career path. One of the benefits was having someone give you tips on how to go about interviews, or preparing for the job search. My mentor introduced to me to many different people, like people just graduating getting a job, and people who started from an entry-level job working their way up through the corporation. It was nice to gain insights from their perspective and tips to help determine what path to take after graduating"
-Michelle Ly, Student Mentee

"I didn't think I would get a lot out of this program, especially with a mentor who isn't familiar with my field of study. In the end, it didn't really matter, the advise and suggestions my mentor gave me was applicable in both my professional and personal life."
-Katherine Tec, Student Mentee

"The CoBA Mentor Program introduced me to many of the top business leaders in the San Diego area who were more than willing to help me in any way that they could. I grew as a person, student, and professional."
-Tanner McClelland, Student Mentee

"If it wasn't for my mentor, I would not be able to evaluate myself in a professional aspect. We specifically worked on my personal brand, and the steps that I needed to take to make an impression in a professional environment. I am much more confident in myself in the aspect of applying for internships, and using the techniques that he worked with me. I am forever grateful for this great opportunity."
-Kristin Prince, Student Mentee

"The CoBA Professional Mentor Program is one of the best experience's a CoBA student can take. You will be teamed up with a mentor, in which you can have discussions about the industry, your career objectives, or even a casual talk. The activities that I most enjoyed is taking a facility tour, being in informational interviews, and networking with other professionals."
-Carlos Morales, Student Mentee

"Every student needs to take advantage of this program. Being able to work with a mentor has helped me so much both personally and professionally. Our discussions helped me focus on things I had never even thought of and his encouragement kept me motivated throughout the entire semester."
-Fabrizio Cecchettini, Student Mentee

"The Mentor Program is one of the best programs offered at CSUSM! My mentor supplied me with resources and coaching to help me get a job. I think every student should take advantage of this fantastic program!"
-Stirling Hamilton, Student Mentee

"Overall a great program! I have learned a great deal of information and insights from my mentor. She has helped me feel more comfortable with my professional life by helping me with my resume, cover letters, interviews and LinkedIn account. I can't wait to continue my mentor/mentee relationship to see where both of us head in our futures!"
-Cynthia Lokovic, Student Mentee

"The Mentor Program gives students an amazing opportunity to develop professional relationships with some of San Diego's most prominent business figures. The potential that stems from this program is invaluable for any student considering a future in business."
-Brady Boyer, Student Mentee

"I would recommend every student to participate in the CSUSM Business Mentor Program. My mentor was driven and extremely passionate about the program which in turn motivated me. This experience can be the life changing opportunity."
-Melissa Estrada, Student Mentee

"I needed a mentor to give me some guidance with my career which is why I joined the program. My mentor provided me with guidance that can be applied not only to my professional career but also to my personal life."
-Fernando Hernandez Miranda, Student Mentee

"One of the biggest worries of any student is transitioning from the academic world to the professional. My mentor took the time to show me around the office, have me talk to other people at different levels in their career and also went over my resume and interview responses so I know how to handle my unique situation. Being part of the mentor program has been truly valuable in helping me learn what the next step is going to be after college."
-Jeff Mcleod, Student Mentee