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Senior Experience Explained

  • Businesses and organizations propose a project by submitting an application. A fee of $1,500 per project is charged and used to offset program costs. Submissions are due no later than July 31 for the Fall semester and November 30 for the Spring semester.
  • The program director will arrange a meeting at the company site to review the project and the program.
  • The sponsor is notified whether or not there is an available team match by August 30 for the Fall semester and January 30 for the Spring semester.
  • Projects are reviewed to determine the appropriateness of the type and level of work for a student team. The company sponsor will be contacted to gain a better understanding of the project's definition and focus.
  • Faculty members are matched to the projects, based on experience and interest.
  • Student teams indicate preferences for projects and are matched, based on qualifications and interest.
  • For the matched projects, the teams do detailed company and industry research relevant to their project in advance of contacting the company.
  • The team meets with the company contact and draws up a Letter of Engagement, detailing the specific outcomes or deliverables, the milestones and reporting mechanisms, the intended use of the project results, as well as details of engagement.
  • The team meets weekly with their faculty supervisor and as often as needed with their company sponsor.
  • Over approximately a 12-week period, the students will complete their work and write a final report and do a project presentation. The work product is wholly owned by the sponsoring company and confidentiality of private data is ensured.
  • At the conclusion of each semester, a Senior Experience Trade Show is held where each student team displays and explains their work. Company sponsors and members of the business community are invited.