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Inter-College Projects

The College of Business Administration (CoBA) partnered with the other colleges on campus to bring students from all disciplines into these Senior Experience projects. The cross-disciplinary projects have brought new opportunities for project sponsors, beyond business skills.

Here are brief descriptions of the past inter-college projects:

Coast Care Partners

CoBA & Human Development (College of Education, Health, and Human Services)

Coast Care Partners wants to capture 5% of the San Diego market. Research was conducted using geographical information systems and San Diego area governments. The team also conducted industry research and a competitive analysis through interviews with competitors. The recommendations covered agreements with industry insurance partners, advertising, and target market analysis.


CoBA & School of Arts

Creative-ivē sought branding and marketing strategies to propel its following. The team researched the target demographics for apparel and accessories to improve the company's understanding of the competitive landscape. Final deliverables included a demographics report, marketing plan, new logo, graphics, t-shirt designs, and an animated video.

CSU Institute for Palliative Care

CoBA & Human Development (College of Education, Health, and Human Services)

The goal of the this project was to increase awareness of palliative care and the CSU Institute for Palliative Care. The team created two videos to help build awareness and educate the public about what palliative care is, as well as its benefits. One video was produced for consumers and one for healthcare professionals.

CSUSM Extended Learning

CoBA & Human Development (College of Education, Health, and Human Services)

The team developed a marketing plan for the Office of Global Education at CSUSM to extend and internalize the academic and instructional resources of the institution. Research using student surveys and testimonies helped evaluate the target market. Based on the findings, recommendations were made to grow student interest in abroad programs.

DaPoppaShoppa, Inc.

CoBA & Computer Science (College of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics)

The team conducted a competitive analysis which was used to develop an Android mobile application used to compare weekly grocery specials. Additionally, a marketing plan was created that included social media and search engine optimization recommendations. The team made further recommendations regarding future development of the mobile application.

DLH Foundation

CoBA & Human Development (College of Education, Health, and Human Services)

The DLH Foundation requested an informational video to draw people to their website. The team conducted interviews with the founders and family members of the Foundation. The team scripted, filmed, and produced a three minute video about the DLH Foundation and their passion for what they do.

DLH Foundation

CoBA & Human Development (College of Education, Health, and Human Services)

The Escondido-based DLH Foundation is an organization focused on providing awareness of gastro-esophageal cancer, as well as providing scholarships for effected students nationally. The team deliveered a plan to increase foundation community presence, support their annual "A Pour Towards a Cure" fundraising event, and create a plan for future expansion and overall success.

Food Prep, Inc.

CoBA & Communications (College of Humanities, Arts, Behavioral & Social Sciences)

Food Prep Inc. commissioned the team to create a contemporary marketing plan for the company's unique vision of healthy and delicious prepared meals. The team focused on industry data analysis, search engine optimization, social media, ad campaigns, survey findings, and website/app design. Food Prep Inc. received a detailed marketing plan containing creation, budget, and implementation protocols and recommendations.

Sonic Boom Wellness

CoBA & Human Development (College of Education, Health, and Human Services)

The team's task was to analyze data collected by Sonic Boom Wellness. The team conducted statistical data analysis to idenitfy correlations. The final deliverable included all the data analysis to be used for future reference.

Women's Resource Center

CoBA & Human Development (College of Education, Health, and Human Services)

The Women's Resource Center is ready to develop a new strategic plan for their organization. The team evaluated their services through a series of surveys and focus group interviews within the organization. The final report presented an analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for the Women's Resource Center, as well as recommendations for their new strategic plan.