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Sponsor Testimonials

The BITS (Behavioral Intervention Tracking System) Project, Spring 2020 

"Excellent job everyone.  I was so impressed throughout this entire project.  You guys have taken The BITS to a whole new level and I'm so excited to be able to see it in practice."

-Kelsey Holle, Special Education Teacher, TERI Inc.


Mindflow Project, Spring 2020

"We are grateful for all of the team's hard work on project!  Especially through one of the most challenging and unsure times that any of us have ever encountered."
-Chris Ross, Principal, MindFlow Design


East County Transitional Living Center Project, Spring 2020

"I felt it necessary to reach out because of the incredible work accomplished by the team assigned to our project and wanted to pass along comments made recently by both myself and Pastor Brown who is CEO of East County Trasitional Learning Center (ECTLC)."

-Michael Scott, CEO, Witnet  

Additional Comments:

  • "I have never gotten an A+ in school, and even A’s were hard to come by, but I never did work as well as this team has performed on this assignment." 

  • "I am astounded having now watched all the 04/29 and 05/01 videos on top of the previous ones.  It just leaves me shaking my head thinking how incredibly valuable this would have been to me last summer, but more importantly, how valuable, useful, and even life-saving these videos are to all the other ECTLC participants who have little if any computer experience.  You have all done such an incredible job of simplifying these instructions and breaking them down into easy to understand bites. "

  • "The production quality is really great and I love the “new tricks” in the last 3 videos!!!  I was wondering how you would address the mouse – WOW!  Way better than I expected. "

  • "I can echo Michaels grade A++ just a great job. This will help hundreds of people that have had no computer experience to enter this new job market with the tools to succeed. Bravo great job."