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BUS 300 Networking Night

Networking Night

BUS 300: Networking Night

*Invitation only for students enrolled in BUS 300 Course*

The BUS 300 Networking Night is a dynamic event designed to connect Business Professional Development students, primarily juniors and sophomores, with industry professionals spanning various sectors.

Our attendees represent diverse tracks including Accounting, Business Analytics, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Global Business, Global Supply Chain Management, Human Resources Management, Management & Organizations, Management Information Systems, and Marketing.

Hosted at least once a semester in the Fall and Spring, this evening promises meaningful connections as professionals engage in one-on-one conversations, aiding students in refining their networking skills. This is an invaluable opportunity to delve into different industries and business functions alongside seasoned experts.

Faculty/ Business Professional Volunteer: 

Join us as a professional volunteer! Share your career journey, offer insights, and provide guidance to students curious about your profession. Help them hone their networking skills by answering questions and offering advice on breaking into the industry. Ready to make a difference? Contact Student Success Director Michelle Tillman, at