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Certificate Programs

Undergraduate Certificates

Water Resources Management & Leadership

CSUSM and representatives of the regional water industry have joined forces to develop a unique intermediate level certificate program; one designed to familiarize participants with issues and points of view they might not encounter otherwise. While open to the general public, this program is geared toward individuals already employed in the water industry and wish to advance their supervisory skills and knowledge.

Graduate Certificates

Certificate of Business Foundations

The Foundation is a multi-disciplinary, 500-level pre-MBA program consisting of six 2-unit courses, offered during the 10-week summer session. It is designed as a refresher of basic business courses for those with undergraduate business degrees and as an introduction to business disciplines for those holding undergraduate degrees in non-business disciplines. This 12-unit sequence is required of all entering students. Domestic students with business degrees may petition to waive the Foundation. Admission to the Foundation requires successful completion of the MBA Bridge.

Certificate of Core Business Knowledge 

The Core consists of 16 units of advanced graduate courses, as well as a 1-unit Career Planning and Development course. Students who successfully complete the Core earn a Certificate of Advanced Study in Core Business Knowledge.

Advanced Study in Business Analytics 

Advanced Study in International Business

Advanced Study in Supply Chain Management