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Sacramento Economic Impact of Craft Beer Industry

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CSUSM & Craft

CSUSM enjoys a special relationship with Craft Beer. Stone Brewing is nearby and grew alongside the university. Numerous alumni have started breweries in the region. The university offers its EngiBeering™ program, which trains students to brew craft beer at scale, and to create and run a brewery. In addition, the university has a registered archive, called BrewChive™. The CSUSM Library has begun to collect and digitize historical documents and special pieces. While the collection will focus on the evolution of San Diego’s New Brew Wave, circa 1987-present, the archive will also feature signature collections, like the history of women in San Diego’s craft brew industry. 

Sacramento Area Brewers Guild

Sacramento Area Brewers Guild was established in 2013 to support independent brewers dedicated to producing local, high-quality craft beer. The Sacramento Area Brewers Guild promotes growth and encouragement for local brewers through education, community involvement, professional development, and collaboration amongst members. Through dedication to their craft, the 81 breweries in the Sacramento area have successfully created a distinguished California craft beer destination. Sacramento Beer Week is an annual, signature event of the Sacramento Area Brewers Guild that showcases these innovative breweries. Sacramento Beer Week will be celebrating its 10th anniversary this spring.

Sacramento Craft Beer Report Executive Summary 

California is the state with the most craft breweries in the country; in the last five years, the amount of breweries grew within the state at a rate of 300%. Nationwide, the craft beer industry increased 357% between 2000 and 2017, making it one of the fastest-growing industries in the United States.

Such expansion has been fueled by the opening of many types of breweries. A 2-year provision for tax reform has also led to growth amongst craft brewers, allowing larger profits and the opportunity to reinvest within their breweries. The word craft typically signifies a product that emphasizes quality, creativity, care, and culture. An Independent Craft Brewers Seal is used across the country to help consumers identify independent craft brewers. Over 4,000 craft brewers use this seal.

The Sacramento area is home to 81 independent craft breweries. In 2017, Sacramento area craft brewers produced over 100,000 barrels, representing a 25% increase of barrelage produced from 2015. Sacramento area craft brewers produced a total economic impact of about $751,000,000 in 2017. Philanthropic contributions to the Camp Fire Relief Fund from the Sacramento Area Brewers Guild totaled over $130,000.

2019 Sacramento Craft Beer Economic Impact Report

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