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Tenure Track Faculty

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Benefits of Teaching Here

Quality Faculty

  • The faculty is comprised of individuals who have degrees from some of the best institutions across the country and have come to San Marcos to participate in the development of this new campus and business school
  • The College has a good mix of experienced and younger faculty members, all who have a desire to help develop San Marcos into a top quality institution

Young and Growing Campus

  • The San Marcos campus was established in 1989
  • The College continues to develop new programs, so opportunities exist to be a part of that growth, and faculty members can mold and shape the future direction of the business school
  • Faculty have the opportunity to develop new courses and directly contribute to program enhancement
  • There is also an air of enthusiasm as the campus grows and new buildings come on-line

Balanced Emphasis

  • Being part of the CSU System, San Marcos is primarily a teaching-oriented school, but scholarship is expected as part of a person’s professional development and commitment
  • Faculty are accountable for 12 teaching units per semester, but through the College’s assigned-time practice, most faculty will teach an average of 9 units per semester, being released from 3 units per semester for research and other activities


  • Over 50% of our student population is from diverse ethnic backgrounds and over 40% are the first in their family to earn degrees
  • CSUSM has the highest percentage of student-veterans per capita of any university in the CSU system

Innovative Programs

  • The College’s programs have an integrative nature, offering concentrations in Accounting, Finance, Global Business Management, Global Supply Chain Management, Management, Management Information Systems, and Marketing
  • The emphasis includes providing students with a practical, skills-based education, with our Senior Experience program being one example of this approach
  • In addition to our undergraduate programs, faculty also have the opportunity to teach in our MBA program

Markstein Hall Business Building

  • Our state-of-the-art business building, Markstein Hall, "opened for business" in Spring 2006
  •  The theme for the building is “connectivity,” where the design emphasized making connections among students, faculty and staff, as well as the business community
  • The connectivity theme also meant being connected from a technical perspective, as new technology was incorporated into the building

Part of the CSU System

  • Being part of the largest university system in the U.S. we have a large resource base, even though we are presently a small school of just over 10,000 students
  • The CSU provides resources and support for teaching and research activities, as well as facilitating interactions with other professionals at the various campuses
  • CSU System Benefits

Strong Business Community Connections

  • North San Diego County is growing rapidly and offers many opportunities to interact with the community
  • The business community in North County and San Diego are very supportive of San Marcos and the University is becoming the focal point for the region
  • A strong college Advisory Board keeps us informed on how to best serve the needs of the region, and also provides a good network for advancing the College