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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Undergraduate students in the College of Business Administration choose from the following program options:

Degree Options:

The CSUSM Temecula campus also offers a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree. Learn more about BSBA at the CSUSM Temecula Campus.

Important information for first year, transfer & prospective students:

All students applying to the business administration program at California State University San Marcos are initially classified as Pre-Business Status.

As students complete their First Year Student/Sophomore course sequences, including the Pre-Business Core, they will work with the CoBA advisors. Upon successful completion of the Pre-Business Core, a student will be changed to Business Status so they can register for upper-division business courses.

Transfer Students will be sent information about applying for business status to their personal email that was used when applying to the university prior to attending orientation (usually late May or early June).  Please do not submit an application before you receive this email.

Please note: The Business Administration program is an Impacted Major. Impaction is a designation that allows a program to limit its enrollments to align with its budget. This means that students must complete the lower-division Pre-Business Core with a 2.65 GPA or higher to be admitted into the business program.

Important Information to help guide you through the process can be found on the Advising Website!