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Entrepreneurship Track

Entrepreneurship tracks are offered in the Management Department and in the Global Business Management (GBM) Option. They will help students:

  • Incubate a business idea
  • Evaluate the viability of their idea
  • Learn the different components essential to starting and managing a start-up business
  • Develop a well-conceived business plan

In order to accomplish these objectives, students will move through a sequence of courses that build upon one another. They will begin by learning about the challenges of entrepreneurship and by completing a first-level analysis of the viability of their business idea.

Students then take courses in New Venture Finance and New Venture Management & New Venture Marketing to increase their understanding and skills to further develop their business idea and determine its potential.

Students will also benefit significantly from the experiences of entrepreneurs in the community and learn from their successes and failures in several of the courses.

The tracks conclude with the development of a business plan in the capstone course.