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Recent Past Consulting Projects

Stone Brewing, Spring 2018

Stone Brewing required assistance in monitoring operational performance, financial performance, and customer satisfaction. The team collected and analyzed data from Stone’s retail and distribution channels, as well as administered a customer satisfaction survey. As a result, the team was able to provide relevant information and recommended action plans for the business.

Sony, Spring 2018

Sony wanted to conduct market research on brand awareness of Sony’s Digital Paper product line and to identify potential customer segments in the higher education sector. The team collected secondary research, interviews, nonparticipant observations, and surveys. It presented a comprehensive report to help Sony create a fully-integrated marketing campaign for the Digital Paper product line, which will target higher education consumers

The San Diego Business Journal, Spring 2018

The San Diego Business Journal and CSUSM partnered to conduct Business Confidence Indices for Craft Brewing, Tourism, and General Businesses in San Diego County. The Senior Experience team used targeted surveys to develop the Confidence Indices. The positive (and consistent) results were then published in the San Diego Business Journal in April 2018.

Callaway Golf, Spring 2018

Callaway Golf tasked the team with measuring the company’s overall collaboration within the IT department. Interviews were conducted with 5 department heads, which also led to the development of an employee survey. Using research results, the team provided recommendations for increasing efficiency in their department.

Skylift Global, Spring 2018

Skylift Global is a San Diego based startup creating a paradigm shift in firefighting logistics with heavy lift drones. The team developed a list of key stakeholders, a procurement strategy, and several cost models to quantify return on investment to itscustomers. The deliverables ultimately aided Skylift in securing a $150,000 investment.

Skylift Global team

Legoland, California, Spring 2018

LEGOLAND California Resort has been experiencing challenges with limited staff availability during Spring Break. To address this situation, the team conducted market research and put together a strategic recruiting plan. Based on the results of this research, the team recommended targeting college students and provided a plan to effectively reach this population.

Harrah's Resort Sourthern CA, Fall 2017

Harrah’s Resort Southern California was interested in discovering new methods for attracting and retaining employees. The team developed a strategic marketing plan to identify the target Hispanic population in Escondido, San Marcos, Valley Center, and Temecula. The team provided recommendations by assessing the most effective marketing channels and strategies available to attract and retain Hispanic employees.

Thermo Fisher Scientific, Fall 2017

Thermo Fisher Scientific was looking for ways to improve the inventory stored in one of its -20º Celsius walk-in freezers. The team was asked to: determine if the rack system it plans to purchase for the freezer will provide a place for every item, store items in a manner that is well organized, and reduce the likelihood that an item is not found. After collecting five-years historical data and one-year forecast data, the project team solved the company’s inventory problem by using Visual Basic for Applications to create a smart inventory system with constraints of a few storage options, and predetermined size and quantity of storage bins

Sheraton Carlsbad Resort & Spa, Fall 2017

Working with the Sheraton Resort, the team created a marketing plan for the opening of the resort’s 7 Mile Kitchen restaurant. The team developed methods for creating brand awareness and a promotions plan for the target audience. The plan included a public relations strategy, social media plan, SWOT analysis, and guerilla marketing tactics. The team also created a logo, slogan, and sample advertising collateral.


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