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Past Senior Experience Projects

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Temecula Valley Chamber of Commerce- Spring 2022


TVCC wanted the team to come up with ways to increase membership, retention, and engagement within the chamber. The team conducted extensive research, focus groups, and surveys to learn what members value most. The team delivered recommendations that will give members the most value out of their memberships and increase member retention and engagement.

Batch Mead LLC- Spring 2022


The purpose was to provide Batch Mead with ideas on how to expand the company as well as promote into new markets. The team utilized research on competitor's pricing, analysis of potential markets, and development of current promotion strategies. The team delivered a marketing plan that includes recommendations for enhancing brand recognition. 

Milgard Windows & Doors- Spring 2022


The team was tasked with finding a solution and reducing Milgard Windows & Doors's employee turnover by 5%. The team conducted nine employee interviews, compiled research on issues related to employee retention, and collected data on competitor wages and benefits. The team delivered revised copies of two-week and sixty-day surveys, revised termination logs, and constructed an industry analysis.

Drone NRG- Spring 2022


The team had three goals for Drone NRG, the first goal was to analyze the research created by the Spring 2021 team and update their information. The second goal was to research new materials to pitch to investors. The third goal was to find ideal characteristics for potential investors as well as to identify them. 

San Marcos Chamber of Commerce- Spring 2022


This project aimed to attract, grow, and retain loyal customers and identify ways to recruit new and exciting vendors for the San Marcos Farmers Market. The team gathered demographic data for local cities and conducted interviews with customers and vendors. The team delivered a Business and Marketing Plan that included recommendations for addressing these challenges.

Univeristy of Saint Katherine Athletics- Spring 2022


The senior experience project for University of Saint Katherine Athletics was to develop a three to four year marketing plan through the focus of the company’s success to drive growth through gathering and processing data. This four year marketing plan embodies new marketing channels such as content marketing, social media strategies, email marketing, database and website redesign. As a team, we compiled a list of data integrated from business units into a common purpose to create the drive among all of the marketing channels. In addition, the team has done thorough research of potential sponsors to create business propositions in order to support all of University of Saint Katherine Athletics future success.

Edenpark Fall 2020


Dexter Development Group needed marketing assistance for its multi-phase project, Edenpark, a large-scale community center. The team had 4 assignments: market research to gain insight on consumer wants/needs, creation of a community engagement plan, development of a persuasive video to be presented to city council, and conduction of industry research on mobile app software. The team conducted two market research surveys and used the corresponding data to determine demand for products and services offered by Edenpark. The team also constructed a community engagement plan consisting of social media, a mobile app, and community events to connect consumers with the park both on and off-site. Finally, the team delivered a cinematic video to present to city council which will advocate for the park’s construction.

City of Vista Fire Department Fall 2020

City of Vista Fire Department

The team conducted internal surveys to identify potential communication bottlenecks between Vista Fire Department employees and administrative staff. The team also conducted external communication analysis including website performance, social media engagement, and structured interviews. The team identified key areas where internal and external communication could see improvement, and provided recommendations for improved external communication.  

Calsense Fall 2020

Calsense Project

The team performed a cost analysis of potential suppliers and then compared them to determine the most effective and efficient option for Calsense. A decision model based on qualitative information was used to determine which option was the best fit. A cost analysis of Calsense’s manufacturing processes was also performed to create a projection of savings. In choosing between single and multiple sourcing, the team worked closely with a Calsense liaison, sat in on requests for quotation (RFQ) negotiations with our vendor choices, and sought weekly advice from the faculty advisor, Dr. Hedayat Alibeiki.

Centauri Fall 2020


Centauri, an aerospace and defense company, was looking to analyze their current workplace, talent acquisition process, and develop a podcast marketing plan. The methodologies used to solve these issues included research utilizing the CSUSM’s library databases and the execution of surveys and interviews. The final report presents recommendations for talent acquisition, the workplace, and the establishment of a podcast.

Pro Cal Lighting Fall 2020

Pro Cal Lighting Team

Pro-Cal Lighting acquired a new project management software and required a comprehensive implementation plan. The team members educated themselves on the various functions and capabilities of the program through temporary accounts provided. Final deliverables included a complete implementation plan accompanied by post-implementation operational support, quality assurance, training, and annual system review plans.

Thermo Fisher Scientific, Spring 2020

Thermo Fisher Scientific Studen Team

Thermo Fisher wanted to reduce inventory waste in one of its business units. The senior experience examined historical data, interviewed stakeholders, and worked with subject matter experts to define metrics and understand current processes. The team then developed a high-level data dashboard to inform and aid decision making involving inventory, production, and planning. 

Viasat, Spring 2020

Viasat Team Fnial Project

Viasat, a telecommunications company, needed help developing an enterprise-wide customer portal. The senior experience defined the key functions that the customer portal should include, as well as researched/provided recommendations for customer relationship management or CRM platforms that would meet the requirements of Viasat.

Rainbow Water District, Spring 2020

Rainbow Water District Team

This spring 2020 Senior Experience team delivered an in-depth internal and external communication plan (Website, Newsletter, Social Media, and NextDoor Analyses) for Rainbow Municipal Water District. This report will help the organization improve customer satisfaction through internal transparency and clear communication of its value proposition.

East County Transitional Living Center, Spring 2020

East County Team

East County Transitional Living Center, a non-profit organization, needed to develop instructional guides and videos to assist program participants with learning basic computer and internet skills to find employment. Senior Experience students developed eight print guides, 90 minutes of instructional video, and training guide for staff to help program participants.

SiLi-ion, UC Riverside, Fall 2019

Senior Students

SiLi-ion engineered a drop-in battery additive that increases lithium-ion battery life up to 20%. The team of engineers wanted to determine if the technology could turn into a profitable business. The team created and delivered a full business plan to establish pathways to commercialization and profitability.

WorkPartners OHS, Fall 2019

The team provided WorkPartners OHS with an onboarding welcome video that demonstrates the fun company culture, as well as recommendations to enhance the onboarding process in the company. In addition, WorkPartners received an outline for a mentoring program for new hires, as well as an automated emailing system to ease the hiring process.

Dan’s Place/Chabad Poway, Fall 2019

Dans Place student team

Dan’s Place, a nonprofit organization, needed a marketing and operations plan. The team conducted surveys, interviews, and observed Dan’s Place operations to better understand current processes. The team organized a plan to improve opera- tions and provided recommendations to connect with the community through various social media platforms, as well as with other synagogues in the San Diego area

OneSource Distributors, Fall 2019

The team created a cost calculator for OneSource’s DTS department that will help the company gauge how much to charge clients in order to break even or to make a profit. The team also came up with suggestions on how OneSource can improve efficiency at the Oceanside warehouse location

Behavior Intervention Tracking System, Fall 2019

BITS student team

The BITS, The Behavior Intervention Tracking System, asked the team to create an application prototype to track the behavior of students with autism and behavior disorders. The team created business workflows, mockups, and demo screens with Adobe XD. The final product was a designed app for a hands-free behavior tracker prototype on iOS and Apple Watch

Pro-Cal Lighting Inc., Spring 2019

student talking to professional

Pro-Cal Lighting, Inc. wanted to improve data collection and data integrity during site audits. The student team conducted research on third-party software solution providers and conducted in-person interviews with industry professionals. This team then provided a detailed report on the cost-benefit analysis of the optimal software and an implementation strategy to increase productivity and sales.

Sony, Spring 2019

Sony's goal was to improve accounting and reporting efficiency by analyzing tasks that could possibly be automated, estimating the value of the proposed automation, and identifying future technological trends. The team conducted vendor interviews, analyzed case studies, and conducted research to gather tangible data on Robotic Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence, and Blockchain. The team detailed where Sony should begin using automation, applied implementation strategy, future trends, and provided a vetted list of vendors.

Moody Creek Winery, Spring 2019

Moody Creek Winery Student Team

Moody Creek Winery wanted to research the viability of opening a $10 million dollar wine processing facility, restaurant, tasting room, and event space in Bonsall, CA. The team used multiple sources of information including phone interviews, database research, and financial analysis of the relevant industries. The team delivered a report consisting of an analysis of the industries, competitive analysis of all streams of revenue, and a pro forma income statement.

Lewis Lifetime Tools, Spring 2019

Lewis Lifetime Tools was encumbered by the outdated technology being used to manage customer data. The team’s task was to research various CRM systems that would assist in optimizing customer relationship procedures. The team successfully selected Zoho CRM, implemented the system, and provided Zoho software training for Lewis Lifetime Tools’ staff.

Kindred Bravely, Spring 2019

Studen team for kindred bravely

Kindred Bravely is developing a patent-pending wearable tech bra to assist new moms in tracking breastfeeding data for the health of the mother and infant. To begin the development process, the team researched and surveyed Kindred Bravely Mamas to decipher which features and userfriendly interfaces should be built into the app. The team created business workflows, wireframes, and mockups to be implemented when developing an iOS application.

KIGT, Spring 2019

KIGT (Keep It Green Team), an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and software development company of electric vehicle (EV) smart charging stations, wanted to segment itself as a household brand in the EV charger market for both domestic and commercial use. The team conducted primary and secondary market research on seven California counties that were identified to have the highest market potential. The team provided KIGT with a sales demand forecast model for the year 2025, which targets those counties considered to be early adopters of EV technology and leaders in the growing demand for electric vehicles.

Fluidra (aka Zodiac Pool Systems), Spring 2019

Fluidra wanted to move from an MRP strategy to a reorder point strategy for low-value items. The team conducted a high-level business analysis using data clustering to classify and identify items that could be automated in a reordering strategy. The team delivered a reorder point recommendation for each item in its data set.

Erickson-Hall Construction Co., Spring 2019

Student temm for erickson hall

Erickson-Hall Construction Co. sought assistance to strengthen talent recruiting, form a structured summer internship program, and maintain competitive compensation in the industry. The team conducted surveys to analyze trends and best practices. The team provided recommendations for a strategic plan to recruit and retain college graduates, remain competitive in the industry, and enhance brand awareness.

Calsense, Fall 2018

calsense student team

Calsense provides smart irrigation controllers to public institutions. Its ultimate goal is to expand into Texas and Florida markets. The competitive landscape of these markets were researched, appropriate criteria were established to pinpoint leads, and suitable leads were provided by the team.

Watkins Landmark Construction, Fall 2018

Watkins Landmark Construction asked the team to produce a more fluid, current, and userfriendly procedure manual. To accomplish this task, the team interviewed employees from different departments to obtain a better understanding of procedures and the organization’s internal relationships. The final product included a clickable table of contents and links between sections providing an interactive experience.

The Rosie Network, Fall 2018

rosie network team

The Rosie Network, a nonprofit that supports military entrepreneurs, wanted to create an e-commerce website with mobile-friendly features. The team researched website frameworks that support e-commerce websites to identify the best option. In addition, the team performed secondary research to provide a successful social media marketing plan.

Economic Development Coalition, Fall 2018

The Economic Development Coalition was interested in conducting research to support its five-city region’s economic viability. The team assessed each city’s business profiles, as well as the entirety of the region. This assessment was achieved by using databases, interviews, and other sources to provide information on business development and key performance indicators for the five-city region.

Corodata Records Management, Fall 2018

cordodata student team

Corodata Records Management wanted to increase productivity and retention of new sales associates. The team developed a manual with the tools, methods, and motivational materials necessary for Corodata’s salespeople to succeed and remain with the company

AleSmith Brewing, Fall 2018 

AleSmith Brewing tasked the team with conducting market research on consumer preferences to assess what style of restaurant would be ideal for a San Diego Location. The methodologies included more than 400 in-person and online surveys, as well as extensive use of CSUSM’s library databases and resources. Findings allowed the team to make recommendations for specific food options, food pricing, and customer preferences. 

Assistance League®, Fall 2018

Assistance League® has been experiencing a decline in the number of volunteer members. The team was challenged with helping the nonprofit develop strategies to encourage membership growth, with an emphasis on diversity in age, ethnicity and experience. The team conducted original surveys and conducted primary and secondary research to produce a series of recommendations, ranging from technology and social media utilization, to marketing and improved volunteer engagement activities.

Stone Brewing, Spring 2018

Stone Brewing required assistance in monitoring operational performance, financial performance, and customer satisfaction. The team collected and analyzed data from Stone’s retail and distribution channels, as well as administered a customer satisfaction survey. As a result, the team was able to provide relevant information and recommended action plans for the business.

Sony, Spring 2018

Sony Student team

Sony wanted to conduct market research on brand awareness of Sony’s Digital Paper product line and to identify potential customer segments in the higher education sector. The team collected secondary research, interviews, nonparticipant observations, and surveys. It presented a comprehensive report to help Sony create a fully-integrated marketing campaign for the Digital Paper product line, which will target higher education consumers

The San Diego Business Journal, Spring 2018

Student team SDBG

The San Diego Business Journal and CSUSM partnered to conduct Business Confidence Indices for Craft Brewing, Tourism, and General Businesses in San Diego County. The Senior Experience team used targeted surveys to develop the Confidence Indices. The positive (and consistent) results were then published in the San Diego Business Journal in April 2018.

Callaway Golf, Spring 2018

Callaway Golf tasked the team with measuring the company’s overall collaboration within the IT department. Interviews were conducted with 5 department heads, which also led to the development of an employee survey. Using research results, the team provided recommendations for increasing efficiency in their department.

Skylift Global, Spring 2018

Skylift Global team

Skylift Global is a San Diego based startup creating a paradigm shift in firefighting logistics with heavy lift drones. The team developed a list of key stakeholders, a procurement strategy, and several cost models to quantify return on investment to itscustomers. The deliverables ultimately aided Skylift in securing a $150,000 investment.

Legoland, California, Spring 2018

Student team

LEGOLAND California Resort has been experiencing challenges with limited staff availability during Spring Break. To address this situation, the team conducted market research and put together a strategic recruiting plan. Based on the results of this research, the team recommended targeting college students and provided a plan to effectively reach this population.

Harrah's Resort Sourthern CA, Fall 2017

Harrah’s Resort Southern California was interested in discovering new methods for attracting and retaining employees. The team developed a strategic marketing plan to identify the target Hispanic population in Escondido, San Marcos, Valley Center, and Temecula. The team provided recommendations by assessing the most effective marketing channels and strategies available to attract and retain Hispanic employees.

Thermo Fisher Scientific, Fall 2017

thermo fisher team

Thermo Fisher Scientific was looking for ways to improve the inventory stored in one of its -20º Celsius walk-in freezers. The team was asked to: determine if the rack system it plans to purchase for the freezer will provide a place for every item, store items in a manner that is well organized, and reduce the likelihood that an item is not found. After collecting five-years historical data and one-year forecast data, the project team solved the company’s inventory problem by using Visual Basic for Applications to create a smart inventory system with constraints of a few storage options, and predetermined size and quantity of storage bins

Sheraton Carlsbad Resort & Spa, Fall 2017

Working with the Sheraton Resort, the team created a marketing plan for the opening of the resort’s 7 Mile Kitchen restaurant. The team developed methods for creating brand awareness and a promotions plan for the target audience. The plan included a public relations strategy, social media plan, SWOT analysis, and guerilla marketing tactics. The team also created a logo, slogan, and sample advertising collateral.

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