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Outstanding BPD Students

Outstanding BPD students are recognized for going above and beyond course requirements to take ownership in improving their professional outcomes. These students are recognized as ambassadors for the BPD program, and they are asked to share their knowledge gained and encourage their peers to think beyond their academic education. 

Fall 2019 Outstanding BPD Students

Marrissa Bergeron 
Makenzie Burgess
Marcella Carneiro de Andrade Pimentel
Anna Duckett
Trace Fisher
Nathan Gibbs
Elizabeth Gulley
Daniel Hakalehto
Charles Laas
Nathan Lamonte
Tianna Loverin-Serrato
Eliazar lozano
Molley Miller
Bianca Mitchell
April Moss
Anna Nagel
Michael Owen
Allen Perez
Lauren Reams
Jason Rivkin
Blake Steinecke
Adriana Villarreal
Eric Walker


Spring 2019 Outstanding Students 

Eric Alvarez
Ali Elston
Richard Ezell
Carl Hughes
Lacey Laatsch
Caroline Larsson
Monty Leggett
Elena Ornelas
Chanchai Usanapong
Mikayla Wells


Fall 2018 Outstanding BPD Students

Jon  Bautista
Kevin  Benitez
Emily Borgeson
Amanda  (Hillig) Boudreault
 Ryan Dokich
Joel  Duran
Kannon  Kile
 Jacqueline  Montano
 Zavon  Paschall
Chad  Speck
Michelle Srichampoo
Steven  Sutherland
Angelica Winton