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Outstanding BPD Students

Outstanding BPD students are recognized for going above and beyond course requirements to take ownership in improving their professional outcomes. These students are recognized as ambassadors for the BPD program, and they are asked to share their knowledge gained and encourage their peers to think beyond their academic education. 

Students whose names are bolded went on to win the Luanne Bas Executive in Residence Award for Student Excellence.

Fall 2023 Outstanding BPD Students

Alyssa Apodaca
Andrea Barrero
Nabil Basheeruddin
Kalea Campbell
Juan Canche Virgilio
Kelli Casini
Amber Cook
Brandon Durniok
Jacklyn Espinoza
Jacob Fletes
Ashley Gamez
Alexander Glenn-Camden
Cody Golay
Devon Golding
Catherine Gruszka
Juliana Guzzetta
Zack Hovey-Cook
Lorna Jones
Maria Lupercio
Andrew Martinez
Michael Mykkanen
Kendra Nguyen
Ehrin Nussbaum
Gavin Pyle
Jacob Ramer
Sergio Rojas
Adem Toskic
Laurie Velazquez
Ian Wolfe


Spring 2023 Outstanding Students 

Alma Aguilar
Deanne Bauer
Evan Becerra
Alexa Bilicki
Deon Cheeks
Christian Davis
Tyler Glasser
Harven Gorges
Lizette Hernandez
Isabella Merrick
Maui Payang
Gabriela Raygoza Quintero
Hannah Scroggins
German Sierra
Roberto Torres Sanchez


Fall 2022 Outstanding BPD Students

Micah Barlett
William Baumann
Charlotte Cornelsen
James Courser
Jonathan Cripps
Ly Hyunh Dao
Madelyn Desso
Tomas Elliott
Melike Guenes
Anna Johnson
Katrine Lee
Joel Ligayon
Jade Mahaney
Jose Mendez
Antrina Mojica
Isabel Morales
Jessica Moreno Reyes
Aida Nunez
Liberty Prestidge
Aida Rodriguez
Faye Rodriguez
Jordan Silva
Jacque Yap