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Mission, Vision, Strategy, Values and Learning Outcomes

The 2023-2028 College of Business Adminstration’s strategic plan was created through an iterative process with key stakeholders including community leaders, faculty, Executives in Residences, staff, and students. Our strategic plan is guided by the university’s Power of CSUSM strategy and is reflective of CoBA’s and the university’s ethos of student success.

Our new vision and mission is appropriate for where we are today and where we want to go in the future. Six new strategic initiatives will allow us to accomplish our vision and mission and reflect the college’s strengths at contributing to our four targeted societal impact areas.


CoBA provides a transformative business education that prepares our diverse student body for success in an evolving economy and society. Our faculty delivers a relevant and innovative curriculum, upholding high academic standards. We integrate theory and practice, guided by scholarship and collaborations with industry experts and community leaders.


CoBA aspires to be a leader in innovative and excellent business education that advances student success, strengthens the economic vitality of Southern California, and facilitates social mobility for all. 

Strategic Initiatives

Our mission and vision will be achieved through collaborative efforts across the college, guided by a set of strategic initiatives. ​These initiatives are interconnected, serving as a clear roadmap to achieve societal impact and student success.​

Strategic Initiatives Graph

Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes serve as a cornerstone in our commitment to academic excellence and student success, reflecting our mission to provide a transformative business education. These carefully curated competencies guide our educational strategies, ensuring that students gain the knowledge, skills, and abilities essential for thriving in an evolving economy and society. 

Undergraduate Student Learning Outcomes

Our graduates will be able to...

1. ...communicate effectively in a variety of professional environments.

2. ...demonstrate critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

3. ...apply analytical methods to address business problems.

4. ...utilize current and emerging technologies to support business and organizations.

5. ...integrate ethically and socially responsible perspectives in business decision making.

6. ...apply global perspectives in business decision making.

7. ...demonstrate knowledge of foundational business concepts, theories, processes, and strategies.

Graduate Student Learning Outcomes

Our graduates will be able to...

1. ...engage in effective business communication.

2. ...analyze quantitative and qualitative data to support critical arguments and business decisions.

3. ...apply tools, theories, methodologies, and models relevant to solving business problems.

4. ...integrate diverse cultural and community perspectives into business decision-making.

5. ...identify potential ethical dilemmas in business and develop responses.

6. ...evaluate the ramifications of business decisions in a global context.