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Directions and Parking Information

  • From Highway 78 (west of I-15 and east of I-5) exit at Twin Oaks Valley Road and head south
  • Drive approximately one mile and make a left at Craven Drive (just past the Ralph's shopping center on the right)
  • Once on Craven Drive proceed to the stoplight and make a right onto Palm Canyon Drive
  • Proceed to the next stoplight and make a left into Lot E
  • Follow the road through the curve to the stop sign; make a right
  • Make a right at the first aisle
  • Park in one of the 15-minute parking spots
  • Walk on the road in front of the Viasat Engineering Pavillions (they're the gray, one-story, ivy-covered buildings on the right—Markstein Hall will be straight ahead)
  • Enter the door to the left of the stairwell
  • Follow the hallway to the center of the building
  • Take the stairs or elevator to the 4th floor
  • The dean’s suite is number 422
  • Pick up the permit(s) from the Dean's Office and take back down to the car(s)
  • Move the car(s) to one of the spots marked by a Sponsored Guest Permits Only sign
  • Place the parking permit face up on the vehicle dashboard
  • Follow the previous steps back up to the Dean’s Office

Campus map