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Success Stories

Valeria Gaeta, Internship, Spring 2017

Working with her Executive in Residence, Jim Ferguson, Valeria was able to secure an internship with NGS, LLP, a business and tax consulting firm. During the internship she has been working with tax returns, trial balances, profit & loss statements, balance sheets, and bookkeeping. Valeria found the resume, cover letter, and mock interview assignments particularly helpful in preparing for the internship interview.

Valeria Gaeta

"My advice to those starting the BPD program is to be involved with it. What you put in to the program is really what you will get out of it. Take advantage of the resources and information they provide. The assignments are there to benefit you - complete them in a timely manner! Communicate with your EIR - they are there for a reason. After all, the program is all about you."

~Valeria Gaeta, BPD Student 2016-17


Lovina Yako, Assistant Position, Spring 2018

While working with her Executive in Residence, Doyle Young, Lovina developed her career search skills and built her confidence for applying for jobs in the accounting industry. With his guidance, she was able to secure a job as a Administrative Accounting Assistant at Global Cres, Inc. The BPD assignments she found to be the most helpful were the elevator pitch, mock interview, and business etiquette dinner.  She believes the EIR program allowed her to learn from someone who has real business world experience, and it helped to develop her understanding of what it takes to be successful.

Lovina Yako

"My advice for students entering the BPD program is to do all the assignments, ask as many questions as possible, and to be present during the lectures. This program will prepare you for interviews, internships, and future jobs. You will learn valuable lessons that you otherwise would have to teach yourself somehow along the way. Knowing what to do and how to act professionally will get you a step ahead of the game and will really impress your future employers!"

~Lovina Yako, BPD Student 2017-18