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CoBA Meet and Greet

Fall 2020

The CoBA Meet & Greet event will take place from 12:00 - 12:50 (u-hour) and will be hosted via Zoom. 

At the beginning of every semester, the College of Business Administration (CoBA) hosts the Meet & Greet to introduce students to the business school and it's excellent programs and people! The two-day event introduces students to their faculty, the different business options available in CoBA, and the active business student organizations on campus. All CSUSM Students are invited to attend! 

Meet and Greet Flyer


Tuesday, Sep. 15th: CoBA Faculty

The 7 department chairs will make thier quick pitch for their business option, and then all attendees may breakout into smaller meetings so students can learn more about the different departments they are interested in.

  • CoBA Faculty
  • CoBA Academic Advisors

Thursday, Sep. 17th: CoBA Student Organizations

More than 10 Business Student Organizations will make their quick pitch for their society, and then all attendees may breakout into smaller meetings for students to learn more about the individual clubs they are interested in.

  • CoBA Students Orgs
  • CoBA ASI (Associated Student Inc.) Representatives