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CoBA Meet and Greet

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At the beginning of every semester the College of Business Administration (CoBA) hosts the Meet & Greet to introduce students to the business school and it's excellent programs and people! All CSUSM Students are invited to attend.

Fall Semster: Meet student organizations, faculty, advisors

Spring Semester: Meet student organizations

Spring 2020

Meet & Greet will take place from 12:00 - 12:50 (u-hour) and take place in Markstein Hall's patio. Each Student Organization will have a representative quickly pitch for their society's and then everyone will gather on Markstein Plaza for lunch and meeting and greeting.  

Thursday, Feb. 6th: CoBA Student Life 

  • CoBA Students Orgs
  • CoBA ASI Representatives

Fresh Costco Pizza Served!


Win Prizes!

Meet and Greet Week Raffle:
Event Flyers in the hall and handed out at the event contain raffle tickets!  Must be present Thursday at 12:40 to win!